Tell The Winning Story’s Jesse Wilson Uses Storytelling to Awaken People to Their True Voice

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There is a reason political and courtroom dramas, from “West Wing” and “The Good Wife” to “Law and Order” and “The Wire” are some of the most-watched on television. And it isn’t their all-star cast or bigshot producers, the harrowing chase scenes or snappy dialogue. It’s the story. Few know this better than the actors themselves, who vie for roles based largely on the characters’ storyline. Whether villain or hero, playing a major part in the tale means more screen time and more opportunity. While the parallels between real-life courtrooms and Hollywood can vary vastly depending on the piece and creators’ commitment to realistic representation, one element never wavers: the importance of a good story. Jesse Wilson, communications specialist, speaking coach, trial consultant, and CEO of Tell The Winning Story helping people from all walks of life rewrite their story. In doing so, his clients write themselves as the protagonist, embracing challenges, overcoming conflict, and emerging stronger, wiser, and braver than before.

With a degree from The Juilliard School and a background in TV, film, and theater spanning over 20 years, Jesse Wilson is a trove of talent, creativity, and technical skill. But rather than using these assets to pursue fame and fortune solely for his own benefit, the CEO of Tell The Winning Story has instead focused his passion and artistic acumen toward empowering others.

In 2011, he co-developed a program to share theater with inmates in local prisons. The Theater-Behind-Bars program (called Lessons From The Stage) provided individuals with an incredible toolbox with which to grapple with some of life’s most striking adversity. Not only did his students get the opportunity to explore and express their emotions in a healthy and productive manner, but they also learned to communicate more effectively. Through their self-reflection, effort, and teamwork, students were equipped with the confidence and capability to embrace and tackle challenges on and off the stage.

The inmates were not the only ones impacted by the Theater-Behind-Bars experience. Jesse Wilson was similarly inspired, prompting the creation of Tell The Winning Story. The leading communications company “empowers individuals and organizations to connect, lead, and inspire audiences, (whomever their audience happens to be) anytime, anywhere, no matter the message,” Jesse Wilson explained.

“I really feel one of the greatest trial skills an attorney can master is to fall in love with story,” he said. “Just fall in love with the craft, the art, love of discovering it. The love of giving it away.”

In addition to helping inmates and attorneys (and their clients) delve into their stories as a means of understanding and conquering adversity, Jesse Wilson also works with various other demographics, including teachers, veterans, athletes, therapists, entrepreneurs, and people struggling with addiction or mental illness. Behind each of these titles is a story waiting to be told, and Jesse Wilson is dedicated to bringing those stories to light.

Jesse Wilson and Tell The Winning Story provides various communication and presentation training opportunities, including seminars, law firm retreats, intensives, and group workshops. To learn more about him, his company, and mission, visit his website: