Texas 4-H Volunteer Wesley Batterton Explains How the Organization Impacts Communities Across the Nation

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Wesley Batterton Wesley Batterton

Texas native Wesley Batterton enjoys giving back in his spare time to strengthen his local community and create lasting bonds between individuals throughout the state; A regular volunteer with Texas 4-H, Batterton explains below the strong impact the organization has on children and communities everywhere

 Wesley Batterton was born in Houston, TX and attended Waller High School where he was an active member of the FFA raising show cattle. He attended the Stephen F. Austin State University, majoring in Business, and has served as a Sales Manager at a national MRO supply company in the multifamily industry. In his spare time, he volunteers with Texas 4H, which is America’s largest youth development organization. Today, 4-H reaches nearly six million young people across the country and empowers them with lifelong skills through the help of volunteers like Batterton.

“At 4-H, volunteers don’t just teach the kids to grow and develop new friendships in their community, they also teach them leadership skills to last a lifetime,” says Wesley Batterton.

Collectively, the volunteers behind 4-H have spent over a century assisting young people who come from diverse backgrounds express their voice, develop leadership skills, and make a difference in the lives of neighbors in their communities. The organization is delivered by Cooperative Extension, which consists of more than 100 public universities across the country that together provide growing experiences for kids of all ages.

Within the program, kids begin to learn about and take on critical societal issues like addressing community health inequities, engaging in civil discourse and advocating for equity and inclusion for everyone.

“Kids in the 4-H program get early exposure to major topics affecting communities throughout the nation, which empowers their critical thinking skills and helps them develop an understanding of what it takes to be a leader and enact real change,” says Wesley Batterton.

Volunteers lead the kids into hands-on projects in some of the most pressing fields, such as health, science, agriculture and civic engagement. Adult mentors create a positive and safe environment that allows the kids to make individual decisions and voice their opinions. They’re encouraged to take on proactive leadership roles in their schools, in after-school programs, in community clubs, and the regular 4-H camps in addition.

With the help of volunteers like Wesley Batterton, the organization uplifts kids and communities in every county and parish in the country. Today, 4-H has a network of 500,000 volunteers and 3,500 4-H professionals who provide care, support, and mentorship to the millions of children within the program.

“The reach of 4-H is unparalleled, giving kids from any background, culture, or upbringing to be a part of their communities and make a positive impact on the people within them,” says Wesley Batterton.