The difference that millennial businesswoman Marquita Payne makes as a Christian

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Marquita Payne Marquita Payne

The ambivalence of millennials has been reported repeatedly, but what about those in the cohort like Marquita Payne who is working to make a difference? As a Christian, Marquita Payne Frisco draws on her faith to help her succeed as a businesswoman and a follower of Christ.

Marquita Payne, Chicago native, is a diligent businesswoman that draws on her faith in both her personal and professional lives. Her work makes a difference and allows her to make the world a better place while also providing for her family and community. 

The work of Marquita Payne is often looked upon by her community as exemplary, and she is considered “one to watch” both in her hometown of Chicago, IL and her current town of Frisco, TX.

She works as a Human Resource Leader as well as an event planner and looks to both of these professions as opportunities to help her serve her community. Marquita Payne of Frisco is a true servant. In addition to her professional roles as both an event planner and a human resource leader, she will work to make the world better for children and those in need in the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex.

Because of her professional training, Marquita Payne of Frisco is able to help the people around her excel in areas such as interpersonal relationships. Marquita Payne also works to bring social justice to both Chicago and Frisco. Her work always reflects her love for Christ and her belief in His teachings. It is her Christian faith that helps her to stand out amongst her peers. Marquita Payne is a millennial who is here to make a difference. 

Even though many of her millennial generation are known for being apathetic and self-involved, Marquita Payne, couldn’t be further from that stereotype. Her work reflects her beliefs as a Christian, and it is her faith that helps her to make such a difference in the lives of others. This difference affects the work that she does as an event planner, a human resource leader, and a fighter for social justice. 

Marquita Payne is a proud native of the South Side of Chicago and an active resident in her new community of Frisco, TX.

She plans to work with the underserved in her community to try to provide good opportunities for them. Her work is effective and caring and her faith certainly makes a difference in this outreach. 

If you are interested in learning more about Marquita Payne of Frisco and her work, please contact us through the contact details listed below. Mrs. Payne is an avid philanthropist and is always looking for more ways in which she can help her community. She is devoted to her husband Lucas and their son Kenzo, in addition to the people of her Frisco, TX community and DFW Metroplex.