The Importance of Developmental Nutrition With Rosemary Barclay

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Rosemary Barclay Rosemary Barclay

Nutrition specialist, Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme, CT, explains the value peak nutrition for babies and children.

From the womb through the first year of life, nutrition is essential for human brain development and growth. Rosemary Barclay, founder, and owner of Bonne Santé Wellness Center in Old Lyme, CT, explains that shortages in nutrients can often cause severe and irreversible effects in developing babies and young children.

Babies lacking intake of iron and iodine, for example, can suffer from cognitive and motor development. Additionally, scientists are finding that DHA, a fatty acid, is vital for the production of neuronal synapses, which aid in the early stages of learning and development. Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme, CT notes that other nutrients such as folic acid, choline, and zinc are also linked to brain function and cognitive function.

Nutrients play a very complex role in early brain development. Health complications vary depending on the extent and duration of particular nutrient shortages. Children will need more or less of a nutrient during each stage of brain development. Rosemary Barclay of Old Lyme, CT, explains that deficiencies can cause a reduction in cell production and affect the size and complexity of cells. Additional, improper nutrient intake can negatively affect the chemical brain process leading to insufficient communication between brain cells.

Children in poor developing countries are most at risk due to food insecurity but surprisingly cases have been noted in the United States as well. Food insecurity is defined as severe hunger or a lack of consistent, healthy foods or a disruption in normal eating patterns due to monetary issues . Low-income families in the United States will often resort to unhealthy processed foods to avoid hunger.

Long term effects of food insecurity can result in low academic achievement, emotional imbalances, obesity, and poor health. Rosemary Barclay notes that children under three are 90 percent more likely to have lifelong poor health, are 30 percent more likely to experience hospital visits, and are 76 percent more likely to have issues in cognitive, behavioral, and language development.

Families who are struggling to provide food for their children should contact local community organizations that can assist. Many churches and non-profits offer assistance as well. Additionally, there are many organizations who offer help and sources of nutrition including WhyHunger?, Feeding America and No Kid Hungry.

About Rosemary Barclay

Rosemary Barclay believes that nutrition is fundamental to good health, and affects many facets of well-being, including the skin, energy, immunity, mood, and performance. The Bonne Santé Wellness Center in Old Lyme, CT, offers solutions to problematic skin without the use of antibiotics or harsh chemicals.

She earned a bachelor’s degree and a PhD. in biochemistry in addition to becoming a board-certified nutrition specialist, certified esthetician, and acne specialist. Rosemary Barclay lives with her family in Old Lyme, CT.