The Little Yellow School House Non-Profit Finds Support from Volunteers like Samuel Lehrer of Miami

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Samuel Lehrer of Miami Samuel Lehrer of Miami

Samuel Lehrer of Miami and other volunteers lend their time, money, and resources to support The Little Yellow School House on Isla Mujeres in Mexico. The non-profit provides education and resources for children with special needs and their families with the aim to prepare them for traditional education later.

For years, Samuel Lehrer and his family have supported the only educational facility dedicated to the care of special needs children on the entire island of Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Their contributions, along with funds raised at events during the year, ensure that all children on the island have an equal chance to succeed in school and beyond.

“The team behind The Little Yellow School House work diligently to give every child that comes through their doors high-quality education that meets their specific needs,” says Samuel Lehrer of Miami. “Without our help and the help of supporters and local volunteers, the special needs children of Isla Mujeres would struggle through grade school or else leave education behind for good.”

Near to tourist-centric Cancun, Isla Mujeres boasts beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters for scuba excursions and other activities. The Little Yellow School House is able to raise funds for their operations by sharing their idyllic landscape with visitors each year during the Island Time Music Festival and accompanying fishing tournament. Each of these annual events helps raise awareness of the non-profit’s efforts, invites visitors in to experience the island and culture, and donate proceeds to the educational facility.

The children of The Little Yellow School House have a safe and encouraging environment that is full of accepting and expert educators. It has operated since 1993 on donations in order to offer care and school at no cost to the family of special needs children on the island.

The organization on Isla Mujeres recognizes that it’s not just the children that suffer, and that their families are often also in need of care. In addition to education, The Little Yellow School House offers therapy sessions and additional resources to help families cope and learn how to help their children succeed.

Thanks to supporters such as Samuel Lehrer of Miami, the Isla Mujeres non-profit is able to transform lives for special needs kids and their families. Their contributions–along with the money earned during the Island Time Music Festival–go on to hire new educators, improve the grounds, add more classrooms and ultimately take on more children who need help. Over the years, the School House has grown from a single-room facility to over four classrooms, two consulting rooms, and a full-range kitchen. Additionally, The Little Yellow School House offers an outdoor playing area that was designed by a visiting Psychologist for the development of children’s gross motor skills.

“Here on Isla Mujeres, there’s hope for special needs children to overcome obstacles and once again rejoin regular grade school thanks to volunteer support and world-class services,” says Samuel Lehrer of Miami.