The Mortgage Guys of California Find Success in Real Estate Professionals like Eliseo Delgado Jr.

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Eliseo Delgado Jr Eliseo Delgado Jr

At The Mortgage Guys, a team of highly experienced real estate professionals connect local house hunters with reliable and well-suited financing options, serving as a voice of reason throughout the process. Employees like Eliseo Delgado Jr. lead the company and share their professional insight, benefitting their real estate team and clients alike. 

For years, Eliseo Delgado Jr. has helped build up a reputable team of licensed loan originators that work with California-based homebuyers through The Mortgage Guys. The unparalleled offerings and experienced team there have allowed the company to excel and become one of the most respected mortgage assistance groups on the West Coast. 

Eliseo Delgado Jr. has been an instrumental component with The Mortgage Guys where he trains and builds up their loan originators, strengthening the core of the company’s offerings. His extensive understanding of the local real estate industry equips all employees for success and has helped Delgado earn a high reputation for strong leadership among his peers. 

“We’re all dedicated to our customers and want only the easiest and most beneficial loan transactions for them,” says Eliseo Delgado Jr. “We strive to go above and beyond expectations by doing things like reviewing loan payments of current home owners and investors and pulling every string we can to beat those terms.” 

California clients come to The Mortgage Guys for their full-service mortgage assistance, which had its beginnings in the industry back in 2013. Since then, they’ve expanded their offerings to provide residential mortgages, hard money lending, FHA financing, VA financing and other forms of guidance and assistance for homebuyers. The team behind The Mortgage Guys have refined their business by fostering a culture of partnerships in which all clients qualify for their assistance, no matter their individual walks of life. 

One of the major appeals to the real estate professionals of The Mortgage Guys is their willingness to answer all their clients’ questions and concerns up front. No matter the market fluctuations, the team is dedicated to discovering reasonable solutions that meet their clients’ needs. Eliseo Delgado Jr. and his team share an extensive knowledge base of contacts, spheres of influence, and general expertise to deliver better representation to their clients.

“We work hard on maintaining our existing relationships with lenders and constantly add in new lenders to continue providing all possible solutions for our clients’ varying situations,” says Eliseo Delgado Jr.

So far, the team at The Mortgage Guys have closed over $10 billion in transactions and have established strong, professional relationships with some of the country’s top lenders. Eliseo Delgado Jr. and other company leaders hire only truly qualified Loan Professionals to their team, which today consists of more than fifty licensed Loan Officers, many of whom rank as top producers in the nation.