The Path to Becoming a Firefighter

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Becoming a Firefighter Erich Squire

So, you want to be a firefighter. It’s an admirable profession and one that comes with a great deal of responsibility. But what does it take to become a firefighter? This blog post will outline the steps you’ll need to take to turn your dream into a reality.

The first step is completing high school or obtaining a GED. While some firefighters have college degrees, it is not a requirement for the job. Once you have your high school diploma or GED in hand, you’ll need to complete a written exam and physical ability test administered by your local fire department. The written exam will assess your reading comprehension, problem-solving ability, and math skills—all important qualities for a firefighter. The physical ability test will ensure that you’re physically capable of performing the strenuous tasks required.

If you pass both the written and physical exams, you’ll be placed on a list of eligible candidates from which the fire department can choose when hiring. Depending on the size of the department and the number of open positions, it may take some time before you’re offered a job. In the meantime, you can volunteer at your local fire department or complete an EMT program to make yourself an even more attractive candidate.

Once hired, you’ll need to complete a fire academy training program, which typically lasts between three and six months. After completing the academy, you’ll be ready to start fighting fires!

Becoming a firefighter is no easy feat, but it’s achievable if you’re up for the challenge. Complete high school (or obtain a GED), pass a written and physical exam administered by your local fire department and then complete a fire academy training program. Once you’ve done all that, you’ll be well on becoming one of society’s bravest heroes.