The Rise of Interim Superintendent Positions with Beth Lougee

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Beth Lougee The Rise of Interim Superintendent Positions Beth Lougee The Rise of Interim Superintendent Positions

Experienced educators are increasingly drawn to interim superintendent positions; Beth Lougee of Silver City NM explains why.

Interim superintendents hold an essential leadership role in our education system. They improve their district while preparing it for the person who is next in line for the job. Although interim superintendents are temporary, the job is becoming more popular and appealing to both the district and qualified candidates.

With more than 23 years of experience in education, Beth Lougee of Silver City New Mexico shines a light on the role of an interim superintendent.

The need for this position has grown exponentially over the years. Interim superintendents are brought on board to fix a struggling district. Beth Lougee explains that people in this role are usually doing damage control by unifying their sector while bringing new ideas and a fresh perspective. The right person will bring experience and wisdom from similar situations in previous districts.

Being able to make tough decisions under stressful circumstances is also a must for this role. Beth Lougee believes that staying positive, listening to others, and having a sense of humor is key for success as an interim superintendent. Extended hours are usually expected at work, and relationships must be built and maintained.

Although this job is said to not be for the faint of heart, there are many benefits to holding the interim role compared to being placed permanently. It allows newly retired superintendents or experienced professionals to make a difference using their specific skill sets. Many in this role enjoy critical thinking and new environments.

In addition, Beth Lougee of Silver City New Mexico notes that this option is becoming increasingly attractive due to the high-stress nature of the role. Interim superintendents only hold their positions for a short period before being released. The pool of candidates for interim superintendent roles continues to grow faster than that for superintendent positions. This may also in part be because the hiring process is much longer and more strenuous for permanent placements.

About Beth Lougee:

Beth Lougee of Silver City New Mexico is known to be organized and knowledgeable in data-driven decision making; excellent qualities for her new position as Interim Superintendent at Ketchikan Gateway Borough School. Throughout her career, she has also worked as a substitute teacher, coach, school counselor, and k-12 principal.

Beth Lougee of Silver City New Mexico is happily married to her husband David Lougee, who also has a long career in education. They have two sons and five beautiful grandchildren, all in Wyoming. In her spare time, you can find Beth outdoors hiking, fishing, camping, or reading educational journals.