The Spirit Guide Society’s Pedro Shanahan Explores Single Malt and Single Cask Whiskies in Podcast Series

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Spirit Guide Society Single Malt and Single Cask Whiskies Spirit Guide Society Single Malt and Single Cask Whiskies
The Spirit Guide SocietyThrough The Spirit Guide Society’s twice-weekly podcasts, listeners learn about the rich history behind some of the world’s most iconic liquors and get insider information from alluring spirit spokespersons. Recently, host Pedro Shanahan sat down with reps from Glenfiddich, Kavalan Distillery, and Single Cask Nation to learn more about their specialty liquors and what separates them from the competition.

Pedro Shanahan––quirky, whimsical, knowledgeable––leads discussions each week on The Spirit Guide Society’s podcasts and invites representatives from around the world to share their professional insight into some of the most beloved liquors. Every Tuesday and Friday, listeners can tune into The Spirit Guide Society to experience new guests who tell the story of their alcohol brands in front of a live audience.

Pedro is a liquor connoisseur with decades of experience tasting, serving, and learning about the world’s greatest alcohol types. He runs the Seven Grand Whiskey Society, Las Perlas Mezcal Collective, and the Rum Society at Caña Rum Bar. In addition, Pedro was a judge in the 2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. His wide expertise and his infectious sense of humor make him the perfect host to lead discussions on specialty liquor each week.

Recently, he facilitated several conversations around single malt and single cask whiskies with guests from Glenfiddich Distillery, Kavalan Distillery, and Single Cask Nation whose podcasts are available now on major streaming services like Apple Podcasts and Spotify in addition to The Spirit Guide Society’s website.

Single Cask Nation with Jason Johnstone-Yellin

Although Single Cask Nation is only five years old, the company has already attained wide recognition and praise for their independent bottling of single spirit casks. The company grew from simple blogs published by its founder to a major force in the whiskey industry. Today, Single Cask Nation has bottled some of the rarest and most celebrated whiskeys on the planet. Recently, Single Cask Nation expanded their product availability from exclusive online purchases to major brick-and-mortar retailers. In the podcast, co-founder Jason Johnstone-Yellin explains to Pedro Shanahan the company’s new line of long-aged whiskeys which are available today in stores across the country.

Listen to the podcast online now to learn more about Single Cask Nation.
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Glenfiddich Speyside Single Malt Scotch with Jennifer Wren

Jennifer Wren from Glenfiddich appeared on The Spirit Guide Society to share how Glenfiddich is one of the foremost producers of Speyside scotch whisky in the world and why their alcohol excels in flavor. To help out, she brought along some of Glenfiddich’s Experimental Line of whiskies (available in stores now) for a taste testing with Pedro. Also in this episode, Jennifer discussed a new bottle of special peated whisky from Glenfiddich that is currently available in stores.

Tune in to the episode now to learn more about Glenfiddich Speyside Single Malt Scotch.
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Kavalan Taiwanese Single Malt Whisky with Master Blender Ian Chang

Master Blender Dr. Ian Chang appeared on The Spirit Guide Society to talk about the specialized distilling and blending process of Kavalan whisky. Kavalan draws from Taiwan’s pure water and subtropical fresh air and was named the best new whisky by Jim Murray in 2012. In this podcast, he speaks with Pedro about how the Taiwanese Government used to hold a monopoly on distilling and selling alcohol in the country and what they’ve been able to accomplish now that the ban has been lifted.

Listen to the podcast online now to learn more about Kavalan Taiwanese Single Malt Whisky.
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