The Spirit Guide Society’s Pedro Shanahan Honors Whiskey Pig’s Founder Dave Pickerell

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 The Spirit Guide Society is a podcast for whiskey, rum, mezcal, and tequila enthusiasts. It is a conversational platform where brand representatives discuss their favorite drinks.

Listeners tune in every Tuesday and Friday to hear discussions about alcohol-related topics. Conversations can range from a brand’s history to the flavoring process of liquor.

Twice a week, the creative host Pedro Shanahan pulls from his Shakespearean training and extensive bartending experience to entertain audiences. He shares his professional views, and he has a natural ability to make guests feel comfortable. This is why The Spirit Guide Society podcast is a welcoming place for many.

The Spirit Guide Society podcast recognizes the hard work and dedication of distillers. Host Pedro Shanahan travels from bar to bar across California to share a drink or two with fan favorites.

In a recent podcast, Pedro Shanahan talks to the new Brand Ambassador of Whistle Pig, Blaine Adams. The conversation is a bittersweet one.

This is not the first time Whistle Pig was on The Spirit Guide Society podcast. Sadly, it is the first visit without its founder, Dave Pickerell.

In 2018, Dave passed away while at an event in San Francisco; a life cut way too short due to a massive heart attack.

The news of Pickerell’s sudden death sent shock waves through the whiskey community.

This podcast episode pays tribute to the maverick craft distiller. They talk about Dave Pickerell’s journey and his role in the resurgence of rye whiskey.

Pedro Shanahan starts the podcast talking about how Dave Pickerell was a game-changer. He refers to him as, “The Guardian Angel of Spirits.”

Adams and Shanahan discuss how Pickerell was a consultant to many alcoholic brands and how he helped build the American whiskey industry.

Pedro Shanahan has a way with words. It is a craft that allows him to create visual descriptions for audiences. At times, it almost feels like you are sitting at the bar with him.

In this episode, he uses this skill to sum up Dave Pickerell’s mission. He wanted to create, “A world-class, utterly sippable whiskey that is affordable for everyone.”

Whistle Pig’s Blaine Adams shares with Pedro how Dave was a military man and a student at West Point Academy.

After his time in the Army and working at Maker’s Mark, Dave began thinking about his future. He started paying attention to the market and noticed a rise in the use of rye whiskey in cocktails. It was this discovery that laid the groundwork and influenced him towards his path.

Adams further illustrates to The Spirit Guide Society audience Dave’s vision. Dave’s strategy was to bring back the old American rye whiskey; the “George Washington whiskey” as he puts it.

After many years, mistakes, and experimentation, Whistle Pig was born.

Blaine Adams and Pedro Shanahan spend the full sixty-minutes remembering Dave Pickerell.

They honor Dave’s life by savoring his award-winning whiskies: Whistle Pig 10 Year, 15 Year, and Boss Hogg V.

Audiences across America learn from The Spirit Guide Society when they tune in twice a week to receive the insider’s scoop from Pedro Shanahan. Listeners have the opportunity to know more about the brands they love and the people who made them.

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