The Spirit Guide Society’s Pedro Shanahan Shares Insight into the History of Alcohol in Weekly Podcast

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The Spirit Guide Society History of Alcohol The Spirit Guide Society History of Alcohol
The Spirit Guide SocietyThe Spirit Guide Society podcasts educate listeners on topics such as the historical context of alcohol, what gives various alcohol types their distinctive flavor, and which top spirit providers to buy from. Recently, Pedro Shanahan sat down with Jenn Lane Oakley of Del Maguey to learn about their efforts to bring artisanal mezcal to the United States.

For years, The Spirit Guide Society has hosted the biggest international brands in whiskey, rum, tequila, and mezcal to teach enthusiasts about the historical context and uniqueness of their favorite drinks. Today, listeners can tune in every Tuesday and Friday to hear the Society’s quirky and insightful host Pedro Shanahan as he sits down with top alcohol brands to get the insider scoop.

Shanahan runs the Seven Grand Whiskey Society, Las Perlas’ Mezcal Collective, and the Rum Society at Caña Rum Bar, and shares his expert perspective on alcohol with listeners of The Spirit Guide Society. Shakespearean trained, he’s a natural entertainer who is as insightful as he is hilarious and serves as an insider guide to the world’s top alcohol producers including Glenmorangie, Glenfiddich, Jack Daniels, and Maker’s Mark.

In a recent podcast of The Spirit Guide Society, Pedro Shanahan had the opportunity to sit down with Jenn Lane Oakley from Del Maguey to learn how they’ve brought single village mezcal to the world.

“Enjoy this podcast responsibly, and that means don’t spill your mezcal––it is extremely precious,” Shanahan begins. “It is the lifeblood and the historical culture of a whole people! Sip it, don’t shoot it. It’s Del Maguey! It’s precious, it’s magical, it’s wonderful!”

Immediately, listeners are ready to laugh along with Shanahan while he slips into character voices and stokes their imagination with interesting facts. Introducing his guest Jenn Lane Oakley to the live audience of The Spirit Guide Society, he prompts her to explain the story behind Del Maguey’s mezcal and how the manufacturer shares culture through alcohol with the world.

“You guys are kind of the forebearers of the mezcal movement,” Shanahan tells her. “Right? I mean, you bought before there even were computers, right? People just putting their fingers on rocks.”

Jenn Oakley laughs. “Basically, yeah,” she says. “Our founder has been called the godfather of the mezcal movement here in the United States.”

She goes on to enlighten listeners and audience members on what makes Del Maguey’s single village mezcal (a centuries-old tradition) so unique.

“That’s the important thing to remember: we’re not making mezcal, we are basically buying it from families from villages [across Mexico]. We call it ‘single-village methodology,” Oakley explains.

Shanahan and Oakley go on to discuss the intricate differences in taste between the mezcal from various villages and how Del Maguey is essentially sharing insight into an entire culture through the country’s one-of-a-kind spirit.

To hear more about mezcal, Del Maguey, and the whimsical banter between Pedro Shanahan and his guests, listeners can access the full hour-long podcast “Del Maguey Mezcal with Jenn Lane Oakley”. The Spirit Guide Society is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and every major podcasting platform.

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