The Spirit Guide Society’s Podcasts Empower Bartenders with Exclusive Industry Insight

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Spirit Guide Society Empower Bartenders with Exclusive Industry Insight Spirit Guide Society Empower Bartenders with Exclusive Industry Insight

Each week, The Spirit Guide Society’s Pedro Shanahan sits down with representatives from industry-leading distilleries to talk, sample new liquors, and learn more about their unique offerings. Podcasts made from these live recordings offer unique insight and education for bartenders and other industry professionals to implement into their careers.

The Spirit Guide Society delivers weekly podcasts where online listeners can hear host Pedro Shanahanconverse and critique alcohol with representatives from some of the world’s top distillers. Because each podcast delivers industry knowledge on top alcohols, bartenders and other industry professionals can use them as free resources in their careers.

In each podcast, Shanahan spends around half an hour getting to know representatives and their company as well as trying some of the best alcohols major brands have to offer. In this way, professionals hear what separates the finest liquors from the competitors directly from the mouths of these top companies’ representatives (and connoisseur Pedro Shanahan, of course).

From this unique insight, bartenders and other professionals can, themselves, become connoisseurs on the world’s top liquors and exclusive specialty batches. They can educate themselves to know exactly what someone is looking for in their drink or what preferred flavors they would like. By offering educated suggestions, bartenders improve their craft and can meet the specific needs of all their customers–simply by listening in regularly to The Spirit Guide Society podcasts.

As a free resource to internet users, the podcasts teach their audience about the finest and most carefully crafted liquors. Some of the guests on the show even come from distillers specializing in single barrel or small batch production, and they offer truly unique spins on age-old recipes. This can help bartenders educate their customers, refine their own taste, and make informed suggestions.

Another major component of The Spirit Guide Society’s podcast is regular updates about new lines of liquor. Guests on the show represent some of the largest brands in the industry and often debut new products for Shanahan and attendees to sample. From this, bartenders and other professionals can learn which new alcohols to invest in and sell to customers.

Pedro Shanahan is a very knowledgeable and entertaining host, which bartenders and industry professionals can model themselves after. They learn creative ways to engage with their customers and share industry information without boring their guests. Each of the podcasts helps listeners keep up with changes or upcoming releases in the industry. They stay well-informed while listening to entertaining podcasts full of humor and useful information that can be applied in bars and restaurants everywhere.

If for nothing else, The Spirit Guide Society’s podcasts make for more informed bartenders and serve as a great way to unwind while keeping up with industry news.

To learn more about different distilling styles around the world and emerging leaders in whiskey, rum, tequila, and mezcal, find full-length episodes of The Spirit Guide Society on Apple Podcasts and Spotify today.

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