The USSSA Spreads its Mission Across the Country through Volunteers Like Martin F. Garcia

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Martin F Garcia USSSA Spreads its Mission Across the Country Martin F Garcia USSSA Spreads its Mission Across the Country

USSSA coach Martin F. Garcia spreads the USSSA mission of being the most visibly recognized, technologically advanced, and professionally represented sports organization in the world to communities across the country.

In an effort to repair relationships between adults and youth, and to build lasting trust through a positive entertainment outlet, the USSSA today provides a nation-wide sports program to kids and teens. However, it’s only through the efforts of volunteers that the program can reach children across America through regular games and tournaments.

The USSSA spreads its values and mission to bring communities together through sports far beyond its headquarters in Viera, FL where the majority of the program’s activities now take place. Originally established in Petersburg, VA, (relocating their main offices to FL in 2017) the USSSA have had a huge impact on the relationships between adults and youth since the program began in 1968.

“The USSSA gives people a place to come together and bond over their love of sports,” says Martin F. Garcia Wauconda IL resident. Through the program, young athletes are encouraged to better their talents and become

better teammates––both on and off the court. During practices, and before and after games, volunteer coaches act like mentors who teach youth respect for one another and the authority figures in their lives.
Without the tireless efforts of volunteers, there wouldn’t be a USSSA program to engage youth and get adults involved in their extracurricular activities. “The program and the venues will still be there, but kids need their coaches and their team support to follow all the way through to game time,” Martin Garcia says.

The USSSA was created in the spring of 1968 to create a new and better youth sports program, and the founders consistently implemented developments to expand its offerings since the beginning. They created longer fences, smaller batter’s boxes, encouraged wider media coverage, and increased financial support over time. The program had a rocky start but stands stronger than ever today thanks to the dedication of volunteer coaches and team supporters.

In a time when there’s little trust between youth and the authority figures in their lives, the USSSA program helps develop talented athletes who become exceptional individuals, and who are encouraged to give back to the community.

Youth in the program interact and learn proper sportsmanship while building relationships with teammates that last a lifetime. Participants exercise often, which improves health and sets up positive habits and outlets for the future. When kids are taught teamwork and respect, they’re far more likely to make and retain friends (which can be integral to good mental health).

“This program helps keeps kids off the street and teaches them the proper way to interact with each other. This way, we can raise respectful citizens who will go on to make positive impacts in their communities,” says Martin F. Garcia Wauconda resident.