Things to Keep in Mind When Starting a Blog with Scott Zack

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Scott P Zack Things to Keep in Mind When Starting a Blog Scott P Zack Things to Keep in Mind When Starting a Blog

Things to Keep in Mind When Starting a Blog with Scott Zack

Scott P. Zack

It used to be that blogs were tools and a medium used only by full-time travelers, food bloggers, moms with too much time on their hands and fashionistas trying to get famous one look at a time. Nowadays, however, the purpose of blogging has evolved dramatically.


Everyone and their mother has a blog, and for good reason – they’re a fantastic marketing tool that allows you to draw in potential customers as well as increase your presence on search engines, increasing the likelihood that your website will show up in the search results.


But not all blogs are created equal, and together with Scott Zack, we’re going to list a few things that should be kept in mind when starting a blog.


Have a defined niche

When it comes to blogging, it’s important you write about things within a specific field of interest. Gone are the days when blogging was essentially a diary on which to pour every thought you had, no matter how unrelated.


Now, blogging is a very directional tool, which means that your blog should stick to a given theme or topic, and explore everything within that field.




Because, according to Scott Zack, you’re writing for a very specific audience, and those readers will be coming for your expertise.


Content is king


This has been a truism ever since blogging came to the fore, and it’s as true then as it is now. The type of content you write has to be high quality, valuable and full of digestible information which people can use.


It doesn’t matter if you only post once a week, as long as the content within the blog post is extremely worthwhile, this will be enough.


Scott Zack urges you to remember that it’s quality over quantity and that posting inferior content seven days a week will do a lot less for you then posting superior quality just once.


Don’t forget about SEO

“SEO means Search Engine Optimisation.” Scott Zack says. “And the discipline of SEO is focused around making sure that the content you create is optimized to be found more easily by search engines.” How does one optimize their content?


There are many different strategies, but the most common ones include researching relevant keywords and inserting them into your content, getting your content linked to by other websites, and editing the metadata of images and media within your website to reflect the type of content you’re displaying.


It takes some tinkering, but it’s well worth your while and is one of the best ways to dramatically increase traffic to your blog.