Three Best Practices for Corporate Universities with Bill Sugg

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William T Sugg Three Best Practices for Corporate Universities William T Sugg Three Best Practices for Corporate Universities

Initially, corporate universities were designed to help the company match their training program to the organization’s long-term vision. Since their creation in mid-century, corporate universities have managed to stay relevant and useful in modern times. However, as new generations join the workforce, corporate universities need to shift and adapt to meet current demands and changing expectations.

With more than 25 years of industry experience, Bill Sugg, founder of a 501c (3) Healthcare Foundation and a Corporate University, reveals three best practices for managing a corporate university.

1. Build a Seamless Program Design

Many universities will use or build an online program where students can watch videos, read content, and take quizzes. Bill Sugg believes that the platform should be as easy and innovative as possible. To foster a culture of learning, employees should be able to search for relevant information and quickly find the root of what they’re looking for.

2. Offer Content in Multiple Ways

It’s well proven that everyone has their preferred learning styles. To accommodate a group of new employees, content should be presented in multiple ways. Bill Sugg recommends adding video, text, and audio content on digital learning platforms.
In addition, Bill Sugg suggests organizing team-building exercises that engage new employees. Group activities encourage discussions that can lead to great ideas and improved office morale.

3. Reinforce Learning

An excellent corporate university will find exciting ways to reinforce content to the learners. Based on their previous modules, new employees should have short, daily quizzes on previously learned material. Seeing the material numerous times and thinking critically about the content will help reinforce learning for longer-term retention.
Bill Sugg also suggests adding an end of day recap and discussion, where team members can apply what they’ve learned and ask questions to fill in any information they missed. Recaps can also be held in the morning before absorbing new content.

About Bill Sugg

William T. Sugg, also known as Bill Sugg, of Valley County Health Systems, has worked through almost every major crisis possible in a hospital setting, including deadly tornadoes, floods, fires, and scandals.
Under Bill Sugg’s leadership, his organization has received many awards and distinctions including #1 Hospital in the Sun Regional Health System, Tennessee HealthCare Award, and Studer Group Award.
His leadership style is approachable, transparent, and people-centered. William T. Sugg believes in a strong teamwork culture that promotes respect, trust, commitment, and dedication to goals and values.