Tips For Improving Your Soccer Game With Himachal Mukhopadhyay

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Himachal Mukhopadhyay Tips For Improving Your Soccer Game Himachal Mukhopadhyay Tips For Improving Your Soccer Game

Feel like your soccer skills have plateaued? Up your game with these tips from Himachal Mukhopadhyay.

Like any sport or skill, improving your soccer game is all about practice. Most kids get their start by playing ball with friends, or running some simple drills in their backyard. And while this will definitely get you started in the game and go a long way to equipping you with the physical chops and stamina needed to play soccer, it’s never going to be enough for you to master the finer aspects of the game. Improving your soccer skills requires having intricate knowledge about the fundamentals of the game, as well as having a plan in place to improve. Below, with the help of soccer enthusiast Himachal Mukhopadhyay, we’ll take a look at a number of different techniques you can utilize to improve your game.


Soccer is an incredibly physically intensive sport and requires a player to have impressive cardiovascular training in order to participate throughout the entire game. According to Himachal Mukhopadhyay, conditioning yourself to run for long periods of time is key to being a consistently effective player. If you’re not fit enough to play for the entire duration of the game, you’ll find yourself unable to keep up with and counter players on the opposite team. Practice springs as well as long distance running to ensure that your body can handle the physical demands on 90 minutes of intense sprinting.

Perfect your technique

“Technique is everything.” Himachal Mukhopadhyay says. “It’s not enough to be able to kick a ball. You have to be able to aim the ball and deliver the precise amount of power that you intended to give it.” This isn’t just with regards for shooting, the advice applies to every technique involved in soccer. From passing and dribbling to defending and throwing the ball in from a corner, having proper technique is one of the fastest ways of improving your game.

Use a wall if you don’t have any other equipment

If you have a massive field with other players to practice on, great! If not, a humble wall will make for a great training tool. Practice blasting the ball against it to improve your accuracy and power control, and use different parts of your foot to improve different ways of kicking. According to Himachal Mukhopadhyay this technique will help your passing and shooting game immensely.