Tips to Ensure Your Blog’s Success in the New Year

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Scott P Zack Blog’s Success in the New Year Scott P Zack Blog’s Success in the New Year

Tips to Ensure Your Blog’s Success in the New Year

As the year draws to a close, social media guru Scott Zack wants you to be prepared for the own the new year with a successful blog.

Scott P. Zack — Tips to Ensure Your Blog’s Success in the New Year

Blogs are hotter than they’ve ever been. It’s a trend that has been propagated in 2018 and it shows no sign of slowing down in the new year.

However, like industry, it’s important to keep up to do with business trends and understand how and why things will change in the future.
If you’re thinking of starting a blog in the new year, we’re going to discuss, with some help from Scott Zack, some tips and tricks that will ensure you remain at the forefront of blogging culture.

Settle on a good domain name

This is the bread and butter of blogging and hasn’t changed ever since its an inception. According to Scott Zack, the name of your blog is the first thing that readers will see, and therefore it’s the very thing to make an impression.
For that reason, your domain name has to be catchy, clever and memorable. Think hard about the niche you plan to write about and use that as inspiration for a noteworthy title.

Find meaningful topics to write about

“Many topics have been written about to exhaustion.” Scott Zack says. “The internet is polluted with pointless content that makes it hard to find meaningful, well-written pieces.” If you’re going to start a blog in 2019, make sure that the content you produce has value for your readers.
Approach things from a new angle, be exploratory in your ideas, and research critically before you publish anything. Not only will this improve your skills as a writer and a blogger, but it will help you develop a more devoted readership who come to your blog for information and answers.

Understand which social media is worth your time

“Not all social media is equal,” according to Scott Zack. “Whereas Facebook used to be the go-to platform for advertising your blog, times are changing.” It’s important to understand your reader demographics and which platforms they use, as well as keep up with the latest social media trends to ensure you don’t waste your time when it comes to building your social media brand.
For example, Instagram is all the rage right now while Facebook has largely fallen to the wayside.