Tommy Harwood and His Work with the San Francisco Rotary Club

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Tommy Harwood Tommy Harwood

A rotary club is an organization of people who wish to put effort into doing good to help with society’s problems, and Tommy Harwood is one of those people.

Rotary clubs are a great thing, bringing together like-minded people who wish to do service for the world in order to alleviate of it of its issues. This is obviously not possible, but they hope to make a dent regardless. One of these rotary clubs is the San Francisco Rotary club, of which Tommy Harwood is a proud member.

What Tommy Harwood has done to help the world around him

Tommy Harwood, out of concern for dwindling resources for educational services and children from underprivileged households, has made efforts to help out. For example, he donated new basketball jerseys for the Bessie Carmichael Middle School in San Francisco. He has also provided items, such as ATVs, to be given away through a raffle system hosted by the school, with the intention that the profits would go to helping the school. In general, Tommy Harwood has hosted a number of fundraisers through his business, which goes to help the small local community of Whitethorn, CA. For all of his success as an entrepreneur, he has not allowed that profit to cause him to become greedy as others with money may; quite the opposite, in fact.

He eventually began to work with the San Francisco Rotary club, continuing his pattern of philanthropic efforts. In addition to his work for schools and his community at large, he worked with this club to raise money for Bikes for Vets, which goes towards helping local veterans. He has worked with other rotary clubs as well; for example, in August 2019, Tommy Harwood worked with the SOMA Rotary, seeking to help support a San Franciscan women’s shelter, “A Woman’s Place.” These kinds of services do a great deal of help to keep vulnerable women safe if they fear for their lives from their partner or someone else.

What drives Tommy Harwood in his business ventures

Tommy Harwood makes money from his businesses, but when all is said and done, one of his largest concerns with his businesses is what it will help him put back into his local community. To Tommy Harwood, a business that does not do much for his community, or worse, ultimately creates a net loss for the community is a business that he does not want to facilitate. The last thing he wants to do is cause the people he works and lives around any strife. Not just because he does not want to get sour looks, but also because he likes the sweet looks he gets now.