Tommy Harwood discusses Humboldt County’s sustainable cannabis farms

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Tommy Harwood Tommy Harwood

Local entrepreneur and farming expert Tommy Harwood offers a closer look at Humboldt County’s cannabis farms and those striving to keep them sustainable.


With local and state government keen to encourage responsible and less destructive methods of cannabis cultivation in Humboldt County, California, local entrepreneur and farming expert Tommy Harwood takes a closer look at ongoing efforts to keep the area’s cannabis farms sustainable. 


“Both local and state government continue to actively discourage irresponsible and destructive methods of cannabis cultivation,” explains Harwood, something which, he says, was commonplace under prohibition. From managing pollution to minimizing soil erosion, county and state regulations have—while encouraging responsible and less destructive methods of cannabis cultivation—also had an effect on the sustainability of the industry, according to the farming expert. 


While Harwood says it’s vital that Humboldt County’s natural resources are protected, it’s also important to support sustainability. “It’s about promoting environmentally friendly but sustainable ways to grow cannabis,” suggests the local farming expert. “Thankfully,” he continues, “many of Humboldt County’s cannabis farmers are now committed to shrinking their farms’ environmental footprints.”


Many are doing so with the help of environmental consultants and other experts, according to Tommy Harwood. Many of these experts, he says, are also striving to help keep cannabis farming operations sustainable.


In response to damaging runoff and pollution caused in the past by Humboldt County’s cannabis growers, regulations now state that any property in the region with more than 2,000 square feet of cannabis must register plans to undertake only responsible and less destructive methods of cultivation. Harwood himself has enrolled in the scheme and registered plans of his own. “It’s about being proactive and progressive,” suggests the local entrepreneur, “which is also a great feel-good thing, too.”


What’s important now, says Harwood, is ensuring that a proactive and progressive approach to cannabis cultivation also remains sustainable for growers. 


“It’s a fine balancing act,” adds the entrepreneur, wrapping up, “but protecting Humboldt County’s natural resources is vital, so we must continue to work with environmental consultants and other experts to help keep local cannabis farming operations sustainable at the same time.”


Entrepreneur and farming expert Tommy Harwood, a resident of Whitethorn, California, moved to southern Humboldt County in 1996. Determined to create a successful business opportunity both for himself and those around him, today Harwood supports the local economy and employs over 25 members of the nearby small and tightly knit community of Redway. Another of Harwood’s business ventures also provides hiring, accounting, licensing, marketing, and other business management services to a wide range of clients both in Humboldt County and further afield.