Tommy Harwood Leads Renewed Support in Promotion of Continued Innovation Within Agriculture

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Tommy Harwood Tommy Harwood

Farming expert and entrepreneur Tommy Harwood continues to promote innovation within agriculture amid the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic.

Innovation within agriculture has led to a huge number of incredible advances within the field in recent years. Set only to become more incredible still, and now driven by necessity in the wake of the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic, innovation in the industry has never been more important, according to entrepreneur and farming expert Tommy Harwood. In his home state of California, across the U.S., and worldwide, Harwood continues to lead support in the promotion of now-accelerated levels of creativity and forward-thinking.

“A forward-thinking approach, creativity, and innovation have never been more important within agriculture than they are right now,” suggests Tommy Harwood, speaking from his office in southern Humboldt County, California.

Last month, Tommy Harwood closely examined the effects of the current coronavirus pandemic on agriculture in California. In fact, Tommy Harwood first contemplated the impact of China’s coronavirus outbreak on U.S. agriculture back in January of this year. “As with the emergence of any novel virus, it’s important to pay particular attention to existing biosecurity measures,” he said at the time, “and to implement additional or increased measures where appropriate, in order to best protect ourselves and our livestock.”

The pandemic, he has since gone on to point out, will likely drive further accelerated innovation within agriculture. “Fifth-generation cellular network technology, or 5G connectivity, for example,” suggests Tommy Harwood, “looks set to completely revolutionize agriculture and farming.”

Effectively the next generation of the internet and already touted to revolutionize countless aspects of modern life, 5G will, Tommy Harwoodbelieves, also change the face of agriculture in the U.S. and worldwide. Part of wider—and now significantly accelerated—efforts to innovate in the face of adversity, the technology will afford farmers with internet-connected tractors, real-time soil monitoring, remote veterinarian care, and much more, says Harwood.

Tommy Harwood has previously spoken at length on related topics ranging from how urban agriculture is contributing in terms of food security to California’s ban on the widely used pesticide, chlorpyrifos. Other areas of focus for the farming expert have included agricultural production statistics, predictions for farming in the 2020s, and the growing Jeff Bezos-backed agriculture startup, Plenty.

A resident of Whitethorn, California, entrepreneur and farming expert Tommy Harwood moved to southern Humboldt County almost 25 years ago. Today the owner and founder of Redway Feed, Garden & Pet Supply in the small town of Redway, California, Harwood’s other business ventures also provide hiring, accounting, licensing, marketing, business management services, and more to a range of clients in a variety of industries, including within agriculture, both in Humboldt County and further afield.

“As someone who relies heavily on the success of wide swathes of the agricultural industry,” adds Tommy Harwood, wrapping up, “I’ll continue to lead renewed support in promotion of ongoing innovation within the field, right across the board.”