Tommy Harwood on What to Expect Next in Farming After Coronavirus

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Tommy Harwood Tommy Harwood

California agricultural entrepreneur Tommy Harwood shares tips and recovery advice for farmers and the industry at large.

Agriculturists and farming experts like Tommy Harwood know that the agriculture industry has seen its share of challenges over the past several years. These include the trade war between the United States and China that’s affected the entire nation. Weather-related phenomena like record-breaking flooding, marathon droughts, and oppressive heat waves have added additional stress to specific areas of the United States as well.

The coronavirus pandemic has presented the agriculture industry with yet another set of challenges to overcome. Tommy Harwood and his peers know it will be difficult, but not necessarily impossible.

Tommy Harwood and How Coronavirus Is Challenging Farmers
With thousands of businesses across the country closing their doors to help stem the spread of the virus, farmers are faced with a surplus of product they can’t move. Prices are being driven down as the crisis develops. Businesses of all types, including those owned by Tommy Harwood and company, are facing labor shortages. Farmers are also being hit hard by a shortage of truckers and other essential partners.

Lenders have less money to help keep farmers afloat as they navigate their way through the crisis. However, there’s some financial relief in sight with the passing of the United States coronavirus stimulus bill. Roughly $9.5 billion has been set aside specifically to assist farmers who are struggling in the face of the pandemic.

Tommy Harwood on Emerging Trends in Agriculture
According to Tommy Harwood, there are some bright spots on the horizon for the post-coronavirus agriculture industry. Before the virus brought the country to its knees over the past several months, farmers were already optimistically looking forward to the tech-savvy advances in particular. These may well turn out to be the industry’s saving graces in the months to come.

With DNA testing becoming increasingly more affordable, Tommy Harwood expects soil DNA testing to help farmers take the best possible care of their soil and crops.
Smart sensors will assist farmers in detecting moisture and nutrient deficiencies in the soil. “Smart sensors look set to be game-changing,” says Harwood.
Tommy Harwood also sees self-driving vehicles taking the guesswork out of tasks like tilling and harvesting, as well as easing the burden of any possible virus-related labor shortages.
Introductions like the above will “revolutionize farming like never before”, according to Tommy Harwood, as well as boost profits and sustainability, especially in post-coronavirus America. Harwood is a community-minded entrepreneur from Whitethorn, California. He is the founder and owner of successful agriculture companies such as Southern Humboldt Farm and Redway Feed, Garden and Pet Supply.