Top Legal Publisher Trial Guides Releases New Video Series “The 8 Fundamentals of Breakthrough Communication”

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Top Legal Publisher Trial Guides Releases New Video Series “The Fundamentals of Breakthrough Communication” Top Legal Publisher Trial Guides Releases New Video Series “The Fundamentals of Breakthrough Communication”

Have you ever watched the film version of a favorite book, only to feel dissatisfied at its retelling, or, conversely, felt a filmmaker breathed new life into a desiccated text? These experiences exemplify the importance of how well a story is told. Whether it’s a fable or historical account, a Shakespearean comedy or courtroom drama, effective and engaging storytelling is the key to capture and keep an audience’s attention. Few know this better than trial lawyers, who must present their case in a compelling manner to persuade the judge and jury. Jesse Wilson, a Colorado Springs, CO, trial skills consultant, specializes in helping lawyers improve their communication skills in and outside the courtroom. This Black Friday, he’s releasing a new video series, “The 8 Fundamentals of Breakthrough Communication” via Trial Guides.

Now a highly sought-after communication and trial advocacy specialist, Jesse Wilson’s background includes training at the Juilliard School and two decades in TV, film, and theater. Founder and CEO of Tell the Winning Story, the trial skills consultant made his first foray into law offering a theater program for prison inmates. The experience affected him as much as his students and inspired him to delve further into the legal world, extending his reach to defendants and plaintiffs as well as lawyers.

Since founding Tell the Winning Story, the respected trial advocacy specialist has helped win several high-profile and high-stakes cases, including $90, $45, and $12 million verdict wins in the last few years alone. This includes Blake Vs Werner Trucking, in which Penn Law Firm used Tell the Winning Story to persuade a jury to find Werner Entreprises negligent in a 2014 trucking collision, in the amount of $90 million awarded to a family who lost a son in the crash. It was the largest verdict against Werner in the company’s history.

Through Tell the Winning Story’s proven-effective trial skills training programs like “The 8 Fundamentals of Breakthrough Communication,” Jesse Wilson helps lawyers and their clients achieve justice. The series covers every aspect of the story writing and telling process, from opening statements to closing arguments, in addition to keeping the audience (jury) engaged and invested throughout.

“They help prepare you and your team to win by teaching the most persuasive approach to your case and helping you craft the best strategies to connect and persuade your jurors,” the trial skills consultant said of the new video series.

The series kicks off with finding your passion and leveraging it to get to the heart of the case and conveying this emotional congruency and impactfulness to the audience. It continues with “flipping the script” and finding the value in conflict. The third video instructs on revealing the power of choice. “Identifying the point at which you, your client, and your jury must make a singular choice in the scene by scene narrative of your story is where the emotion connects, where the jury relates, and where you can lock up your case. You will learn how to develop the right language, themes, and ‘power anchors’ essential to any winning story,” the Tell the Winning Story CEO explained. Next is a fourth video that instructs on ensuring the story you tell is one of perseverance, not pity (“The Winning Vs Whining Story”). Fifth, Jesse Wilson discusses how to dig deeper than the surface to connect with the client, judge, and jury on a deeper level. In the sixth video, the trial skills consultant discusses tapping into emotional states using theatrical tactics to make a more compelling story. Next, he discusses the “power of the pause” or non-verbal communication. Finally, the series wraps with a discussion of how these principles and tactics can benefit you, the lawyer, beyond the courtroom.

To learn more about Tell the Winning Story and “The 8 Fundamentals of Breakthrough Communication,” available on Trial Guides on Black Friday, 2019, visit the website: or