Top Restaurants in Minneapolis

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restaurants in minneapolis

Minneapolis is known for its plethora of restaurants. The city has everything from fine dining to burger joints. The city’s burgeoning restaurant scene has taken the Midwestern eating landscape by storm, shattering all preconceived notions and making it one of the top food destinations in America.


If you are looking for the best Mexican restaurant in Minnesota, then Parajito is the place to go. This cozy spot serves up a range of dishes, including shrimp tacos and carnitas.

The restaurant also has a bar program courtesy of Kara Smith, formerly of Cafe Maude and Libertine. The cocktail menu is impressive, but it’s the food that really sets this place apart.

The most successful restaurants have a knack for creating compelling cuisine that is balanced with a chic atmosphere and an equally convincing cocktail menu. Pajarito gets this formula right, thanks to the team of Tyge Nelson and Stephan Hesse, two acolytes of the esteemed chef Tim McKee.


Mancini’s is a family-run staple that presents charbroiled steaks and lobsters in a timeless space. Since 1968, it has prided itself in great food and service with a personal touch.

The restaurant is a perfect choice for family dinners and parties. It offers a wide selection of food, drinks, and desserts. The menu includes small sirloin steaks, beef kabobs, and chicken breasts. It also serves salads with a variety of dressings. The restaurant has a banquet room for large groups. It also organizes entertainment shows.

San Juan

Sanjusan, a joint project of Daniel del Prado (Martina and Colita) and Shigeyuki Furukawa (Kado No Mise), is an elegant Japanese-Italian hybrid concept that combines two cuisines in one surprisingly coherent, confident, and tidy package.

It’s a welcome departure from Minneapolis’s often over-the-top, over-inflated bar scene. Drinks are infused with Japanese ingredients and presented with a touch of whimsy, like the cotton candy cloud garnish on a martini. The restaurant also offers a gluten-free and dairy-free menu. You’ll find yakitori, pizza from a wood-burning oven, and pasta.

Hen House Eatery

Hen House Eatery, a new eatery in downtown Minneapolis, offers an extensive menu with a focus on breakfast and lunch. Its menu includes everything from a smoked salmon benedict to chicken and waffles.

The restaurant also offers breakfast cocktails that are a departure from the traditional mimosa and bloody Mary. For example, the strawberry bellini has a hint of sweetness that pairs well with dry sparkling wine for a more delicate drink than usual.

Hen House accepts EBT cards, which are a form of government assistance. They can be used to purchase food items at any authorized Hen House store location across the US.

Hola Arepa

Hola Arepa is a restaurant & Bar that serves delicious food from south of the border. This place offers the best-crafted Latin small platters as well as fabulous signature margaritas and cocktails.

When you visit this place, it feels like you’re in a tropical paradise. This is because everything in the space, from the blue decor to the patio, is inspired by vacation destinations.

The owner, Christina Nguyen, and her partner Birk Grudem started Hola Arepa as a food truck in 2011. Now it’s a brick & mortar location.

Matt’s Bar

Matt’s Bar is a popular spot for many Minnesotans to dine. The restaurant is open 24 hours and offers a variety of dishes. If you’re looking for a place that serves food at an affordable price, this is the right place to go. The staff is friendly and provides excellent services.

A restaurant is an excellent option for families because they have a wide selection of menu items. They also offer a variety of dishes that are gluten-free and low in fat.