Travel Enthusiast, Patrick D. Kearney’s Take on Dubai

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Patrick D Kearney Take on Dubai Patrick D Kearney Take on Dubai

Patrick Kearney began his trip in the lap of luxury as he flew to Dubai on Emirates Airlines direct from JFK airport. The airline offers world-class accommodations and doesn’t spare any conveniences. From a lounge to the finest, chef-prepared cuisine, this is the way to travel.

Patrick Kearney stayed at the indulgent Oberoi Dubai, five-star hotel. The Oberoi offers a coveted rooftop view of the Burj Khalifa. Patrick stated, “My senses were immediately overwhelmed with glamorous people, impeccable architecture, and cultural experiences that are unparalleled.” Patrick continued, “This is the most modern, innovative melting pot with amazing restaurants, and service that’s beyond comprehension.”

Dubai is known for its Indian, Middle Eastern, European, Filipino, Turkish and Lebanese cultural experiences, but do not let this cause any apprehension about language barriers, as English is the primary spoken language. In Dubai, the locals and business owners are welcoming and kind and appreciate visitors.

Patrick D. Kearney explained his trip further, “It’s a safe place to visit; I never once felt apprehensive. There are also different levels of travel for individuals from all walks of life. Of course, there is the shi-shi, ultimate, luxurious experience, but if you just want a vegan kabob, slice of pizza or some hummus and pita, everything is available. Many places offer various levels of pricing. There are also less expensive hotels and other places to stay to accommodate different budgets.

“The desert is glorious, and the stars are expansive. I’ve never seen anything like the bright-glowing sunsets that enveloped the skies each of the seven nights of my stay. In contrast, “Patrick continued, “ the beaches are pristine with sapphire blue calm water that had the most gorgeous people sunbathing and enjoying a refreshing swim. The best part about the beach is that it was alongside the skyscraping city limits for the most impressive effect and view.”

Patrick Daniel Kearney is a well-traveled man. With trips to almost every country and nearly every state here in the U.S., Patrick Kearney knows what to look for when it comes to finding the perfect vacation spot, your next adventure, or a journey or mission trip that peaks the everyday person’s interest.