Travel Guru, Patrick Kearney’s Favorite Destination to Date

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Patrick Kearney Favorite Destination to Date Patrick Kearney Favorite Destination to Date

FRENCH POLYNESIAN—Because of Patrick D. Kearney’s epic traveling history, numerous people ask him where the best place he has ever visited on earth is? What is his response? Patrick Kearney explains, “I’ve been to some pretty amazing places, so narrowing it down should be difficult, but it’s not. I’m a warm weather, water-based, beach loving guy, and my ultimate destination is Mo’orea. There’s nothing else like it.

“There are, of course, many islands in the French Polynesian, so why do I consider Mo’orea to be the best? Well, it’s all about the island itself. With a picturesque view of jagged, green, volcanic mountains, Mo’orea has one of the largest coral reef ecosystems that can be enjoyed from the water, glass-bottom boat or by simply just overlooking the water from above. From the clear, clean water to the plethora of sea life and mountainous views that line the crystal blue waters are the reason that so many people like myself agree that Moorea is paradise on earth.”

Patrick Kearney continued, “Staying in the private overwater bungalow was a dream come true. My bungalow had a large window in the floor, which showcased schools of fish daily and the spotlight in the water allowed me to see gorgeous sea life at night as well. The long walkways to the bungalow were peaceful and a pleasure to stop and see additional vantage points throughout the resort. Each bungalow offers a large private deck that overlooks the water from which you can jump in and swim with the fish anytime you desire. With detailed Polynesian décor, a soaking tub and the best room service, where the wait staff literally canoes up to your private deck with world-class cuisine, the amenities were extraordinary.

“Of course, there is a French theme to much of the cuisine and market places. I ate my fill of French wine and cheese along with local island fare. You can rent a small electric car, enjoy private tours as well and visit a pineapple farm, magic mountain, and numerous natural parks and gardens, but for the majority of your trip, you should plan on being in the water.”