Travis Ackerman Reveals Growing Demand for Real Estate in Fort Collins

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Travis Ackerman Travis Ackerman

Leading local real estate professional Travis Ackerman shares his thoughts on continued demand for property in and around Fort Collins, Colorado.


With demand for property in Fort Collins higher than ever, leading local real estate agent Travis Ackerman provides an expert insight into what’s drawing people to the thriving North Colorado city, famed for its boutiques, pubs, and restaurants, as well as for being home to Colorado State University.


“Despite plentiful new construction, demand continues to outstrip supply in Fort Collins,” reveals Ackerman, a North Colorado native and Cushman & Wakefield Commercial Real Estate director based in the city.


Particularly evident within the residential market, demand for industrial, commercial, and office space, as well as land and vacant lots, is also high in Fort Collins as 2019 draws ever more rapidly to a close, according to Ackerman. Colorado State University, he suggests, is a major draw to the area, but that’s far from the only thing attracting people to Fort Collins. “Averaging more than 300 days of  sunshine each year, home to crystal clear lakes and rivers, and flanked by idyllic snow-capped mountains, there’s no denying the beauty of the city and its surroundings,” says the expert. 


Located approximately 55 miles north of the state capital of Denver, Fort Collins, Colorado, is attractive to residents and visitors alike, and across a broad age range. “Local data shows that Fort Collins is attractive to students, young professionals, families young and old, and those approaching and beyond retirement age alike,” reveals Ackerman. 


Families, he suggests, are drawn to the area for a variety of reasons, including the lifestyle on offer, with monthly personal finance magazine Money having previously ranked Fort Collins as the best place to live in America. “The city has also been listed as one of the best places to retire by CBS Money Watch,” adds Ackerman, “as well as ranking among the best places for business in the nation, according to Forbes.” 


Students and young adults, meanwhile, he says, are further attracted to the city thanks to its vibrant nightlife, many bars, and abundant retail, leisure, and entertainment options. “Famed for its craft beer scene, Fort Collins is now home to more than 20 independent breweries,” Ackerman points out. 


Top-rated among local real estate brokers, Travis Ackerman has previously provided an in-depth insight into the latest real estate market figures for Fort Collins, the North Colorado office space market, and the latest from northern Colorado’s land market. Ackerman has also written at length about real estate marketing strategies, the local economy’s impact on the Fort Collins real estate market, and has posted a series of quarterly outlooks for the land, commercial, retail, and office space markets in the region. 


As demand for real estate in Fort Collins continues to skyrocket, Ackerman is quick to highlight what he believes are some of the hottest neighborhoods and places to live in and around the city currently. “Right now, it’s all about the city’s bustling downtown area, largely centered around the university,” he adds, wrapping up, “as well as neighborhoods such as Rogers Park, Waterglen, Troutman Park, Fossil Lake, and Rigden Farm.”