Two time World Heavyweight Champion Shannon Briggs and his former manager Scott Hirsch team up to introduce the ‘Lets Go Champ’ Motivational Brand

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Scott Hirsch Scott Hirsch

Shannon “The Cannon” Briggs, against all odds, has had an incredibly successful career in professional boxing. Teaming up again with Scott Hirsch, the manager that steered Briggs to the WBO World Heavyweight Championship, they are now launching the “Let’s Go Champ!” brand with the goal of inspiring the next generation of champions all across the world.

 Shannon Briggs was born prematurely with numerous health issues including chronic asthma. As a child, Shannon struggled fighting to breathe while often having to fend for himself on the same rough Brownsville, NY streets that spawned fellow champions MikeTyson and Riddick Bowe.

Briggs rose to prominence in boxing by winning 30 of his first 31 professional fights, culminating by capturing the Lineal World Heavyweight Championship in a nationally televised bout with boxing legend George Forman. While Forman’s HBO colleagues tried to dispute Briggs victory, the numbers told a different story. Remarkably over 12 brutal rounds, the less experienced Briggs, who suffered from asthma and a compromised immune system, had landed more power punches than the great George Forman.

Seven years later, the boxing world had given up on underdog Briggs again. Boxing’s two major television networks, HBO &SHOWTIME, both turned their back on Briggs, citing health concerns and potential canceled fights due to Briggs struggles with asthma. Additionally, the major ranking organizations that govern boxing didn’t include the former champ in any of their top ten rankings. At Shannon’s lowest point he teamed up with Scott Hirsch, a renowned marketing executive who also suffered from chronic asthma. Hirsch saw the potential for another championship with the forgotten Briggs.

In less than two years with the backing of Hirsch, Briggs scored 12 consecutive knockouts including a 7 round knockout of Olympic gold medalist and former WBO World Champ Ray Mercer. With that string of knockouts, even the critics couldn’t deny Briggs was now a top contender again. On November 4, 2006, he knocked out Sairhei Liakhovich the 12th round to win the WBO World Heavyweight Championship in front of a sell-out crowd at Chase Field in Phoenix Arizona.

During all this time Briggs, Hirsch, and the entire team repeated the daily mantra’ LETS GO CHAMP”. While many in the boxing world had written Briggs off, Hirsch always considered Briggs a champion and they used the camp mantra” Let’s go champ” to greet each other daily.

The phrase went from something to tell the guys in training camp to a buzz-worthy inspirational slogan that has today become a dedicated brand and an inspiration that unites people in today’s divided world.

Briggs and Hirsch have teamed again to bring the” let’s go champ” brand and message to all of those struggling or needing motivation. In its latest incarnation, “let’s go champ” has caught on well beyond the boxing camp set up by Hirsch and Briggs. Celebrities and athletes around the globe including Dave Chapelle, Snoop Dog, Floyd Mayweather. Justin Bieber, Anthony Anderson, Logan Paul, and Richard Sherman are among the most recognizable names that have incorporated the motivational mantra of “Let’s Go Champ” into their daily lives.

To satisfy an increasing demand for the Lets Go Champ merchandise, Hirsch and Briggs have started an Instagram store at Lets Go Champ and on the website