Tzvi Lexier Discusses How to Take Excellent Family Photos

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Tzvi Lexier Tzvi Lexier

Tzvi Lexier recently discussed how to take excellent family photos in 2022.

A new year means new resolutions, and for some, that involves creating more time for family and friends. Avid photographer Tzvi Lexier recently offered his top tips for taking excellent family photos.

“Not everyone wants to take a family photo, but they all love looking back on the memories down the road,” Tzvi Lexier said. “However, you don’t need to hire an expensive family photographer to take excellent photos. You can take them yourself by following a few simple rules.”

Purchase a Tripod

Lexier’s first piece of advice is to invest in a tripod. You may not want to take the tripod everywhere your family goes, but it can be extremely useful for at-home photos or when you have one or two specific destinations in mind.

Tzvi Lexier explained that a tripod ensures the photo is still, forces you to take your time, and allows you to take your eye off of the camera. He stated that many of the best smiles and expressions come from the photographer stepping away from the camera and interacting with the subjects.

Lock the Focus

“Another key to excellent family photos is locking the focus,” Lexier added. “Use manual focus or set your camera to the focus lock setting. This ensures your camera won’t adjust focus from one photo to the next.”

An unlocked focus can cause the exposure to change from one photo to the next, which means you’ll have to retake a number of photos. It’s hard enough getting the family together for a few photos, so retakes are not often desired.

Position Family Members Correctly

Lexier’s next piece of advice involves the way you position your family members for the shot. He emphasized the importance of not placing them all in a straight line. Position individuals of varying heights next to each other and use props as needed. Chairs or stools can be used to allow some family members to sit or stand on top of something. This will help ensure everyone is staggered, and the photo doesn’t look like a straight line of heads.

Similarly, Tzvi Lexier suggested allowing individuals to bend their arms and legs. Encourage one individual to put a hand on his or her hip while another crosses one foot over the other. These types of motions make the photo appear more fun and relaxed. Rigid positions are what result in “awkward family photos.”

About Tzvi Lexier

Lexier has been taking photos around the country and around the world his entire life. His love for photography began as far back as he can remember.

Lexier’s first camera was a point-and-shoot gifted to him by his grandfather. He always took photos at family gatherings, and his family’s support is what led him to become the experienced photographer he is today.

Tzvi Lexier’s tips will help you take frame-worthy photos of your family in 2022, and beyond.