USSSA Coach Marty Garcia of Wauconda, IL Supports the Feed My Starving Children Charity

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Martin F Garcia Supports the Feed My Starving Children Charity Martin F Garcia Supports the Feed My Starving Children Charity

Marty Garcia of Wauconda, IL is a volunteer coach with the USSSA who supports local charities and organizations in various capacities. He and his baseball team, the Lake County Lightning, volunteer with the Feed My Starving Children charity regularly and encourage others to assist them in giving back to their local communities.

The Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) charity is a nonprofit whose mission is to provide nourishing meals to children around the world who suffer from starvation. They’re an impactful organization run by hundreds of thousands of volunteers who partner with global partners to distribute hand-packed meals to children in need. The charity designates over 90 percent of total donations to directly feed starving children.

The scope of FMSC exceeds far beyond headquarters, and they’ve proven to meet global needs over time. In 2017, over a million volunteers helped the charity pack over 333 million nutritious meals that were then sent to locations across the world.

The charity is only able to reach such lofty goals through the help of dedicated volunteers like Marty Garcia of Wauconda and his USSSA team. Volunteers like Mr. Garcia and the Lake County Lightning help prepare and package food items that will go to nourish kids as close as their local neighborhoods and as far as the furthest continent.

Marty Garcia of Wauconda serves as coach and mentor to the Lake County Lightning baseball team through the USSSA, and his role in the positive growth of youth prompts him to encourage his team to give back. Besides gathering for practices, local matches, and distant tournaments, the Lake County Lightning dedicates time as a team to portion and wrap up meals for distribution.

“In our baseball programs, we teach our kids to be respectful, and show good sportsmanship,” says Marty Garcia of Wauconda, “but we also demonstrate what it is to be good. We go out as a team, like a family, and we volunteer with organizations such as Feed My Starving Children.”

Feed My Starving Children, a subdivision of the Global Impact charity, has organized the distribution of tens of millions of meals to date. A world leader in global philanthropy, Global Impact raises resources and funds to benefit the most vulnerable people in various capacities. The organization works with hundreds of public and private sector groups to create engaging campaigns that generate funding for an alliance of dozens of the most respected international charities.

Global Impact supports organizations focused on clean water, disaster relief and resiliency, economic development, starvation, education, environmental sustainability, human trafficking, disease, and many other critical subjects.

And its volunteers like Marty Garcia of Wauconda who put their plans into action in neighborhoods and workplaces across the globe.

“When our team volunteers with Feed My Starving Children, we make sure they know that what they do is helping to change the lives of millions of kids around the world, very likely saving lives,” says Marty Garcia of Wauconda.