USSSA Volunteer Martin F. Garcia of Wauconda Encourages New Teams to Sign Up Through the Program’s User-Friendly Roster

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USSSA Volunteer Martin F Garcia of Wauconda Encourages New Teams to Sign Up Through the Program’s User Friendly Roster USSSA Volunteer Martin F Garcia of Wauconda Encourages New Teams to Sign Up Through the Program’s User Friendly Roster
USSSA Volunteer Martin F. Garcia of Wauconda

Martin F. Garcia of Wauconda, IL is a long-time volunteer of the United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) and supporter of their mission to provide organized sports activities to kids across the country. In an effort to get more people involved, he explains to readers how to register their teams through the USSSA’s easy signup process.


An organized sports association requires a few key elements to function on a national scale, bringing communities together across America. First, they need a dedicated team of organizers who can launch competitions and programs throughout the states. Second, they need volunteer mentors, coaches, and sponsors like Martin F. Garcia of Wauconda to run the program locally. And last, they need to be able to reach kids through a broad range of sports options.


The USSSA accomplishes this on a national scale, empowering thousands of participants to grow their talent, build relationships and have a great time competing. In the process, the association instills lasting values of respect and camaraderie and offers plenty of healthy activity.


Martin F. Garcia of Wauconda would like to see more people involved, both players and volunteers.


“The program really helps these kids develop into healthy, happy adults,” he says. “And the volunteers go home feeling accomplished having made such a positive impact in their lives.”


Over the years, the USSSA has expanded its offerings to be more inclusive and broader reaching. Today, kids can choose from a range of available sports programs in games like baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, golf, karate, and lacrosse to name a few. The association is a national leader thanks to its diverse programs that cater to most sports interests.


With a game for everyone and competitions across the country in many divisions, Martin F. Garcia of Wauconda wonders why there aren’t more participants. To keep growing the USSSA’s mission, he explains how easy it is for teams to sign up––so long as there are kids who want to play and adults willing to help out.


Here’s how he explains it:


  1. Declare a Team Manager –– Here, whoever is organizing the entry simply visits the USSSA website and creates an account with a valid email address. Users input a little information about their team manager and fill out a few questions.
  2. Create a Team –– Next, they follow the guided steps to create a new team, including identifying the sport of their entry, selecting the registration type and season, age and class of the team. Some programs require an entry fee, so it’s wise to do some research beforehand or come prepared to pay the entry.
  3. Add Roster and Enter Events –– After they’ve established their team and manager, they can add photos of the team, search for events, and enter various competitions. The platform also offers medical insurance policies for teams and allows managers to take complete control of player listings and event scheduling.


“It doesn’t take much to sign up for a USSSA event, and the rewards adults and youth can both take away from the experience will last forever,” says Martin F. Garcia of Wauconda.