Victor Buonamia Speaks on Growth Companies

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Victor Buonamia Speaks on Growth Companies


With decades of experience, the team that powers People Technology and Processes, led by CEO Victor Buonamia, understands just what it takes to create a lasting business that not only thrives but is built to handle growth into the future.

“As a leader in information technology, professional services, software solutions and professional development training, we make it easier than ever to have healthy, engaged and passionate employees.” – Victor Buonamia, CEO, and founder of People Technology and Processes.

“That’s where Knowledge Management, or (KM) comes in,” Victor says. “Understanding the flow of information changes the dynamics on every team.”

Knowledge Management (KM) is a systematic approach to gathering the flow of information within a company and connecting that information to the right people at the right time through the most efficient channels possible. This creates value at every tier of developing and even established businesses.

“At the rate that technology is improving, companies are struggling to adapt. Everyone must learn how to train the right employees. People Technology and Processes can provide solutions and resources to train employees,” Victor says.

Knowledge management builds a guided roadmap for companies, that catapult brands into the future. Providing strategic markers for growth and success while tracking the flow is crucial. “Knowledge Management is useful at every stage with every client,” Buonamia explains.


“This is crucial to optimizing long-term growth because if we can’t track information today, you won’t be able to track it tomorrow.”


Whether a business needs to gather information from previous employees, new hires, or create new tools to aid in the flow of information technology throughout a company with a robust Knowledge Management initiative, will outlast its original purpose, by addressing a variety of needs and creating value by implementing an efficient and seamless strategy throughout companies.

As a people-first leader, Victor had a decorated career in the military.  Which then spanned decades and has landed People Technology and Processes some of the largest government contracts deals, making them not only experts in Knowledge Management but people as well.

“By combining technical expertise, innovation in the workplace and operational excellence. We aim to solve our customer’s most complex and troubling obstacles,” Victor says.

Therefore with our extensive background in IT and people services. We handle every level of business from Military to Fortune 500 companies with ease.

Furthermore, for more information on Knowledge Management, and partnering with People Technology and Processes. Finally, connect with Victor Buonamia

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