Victor Hardy: A Maverick in Internet Streaming and IP Law

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Victor Hardy is a Maverick in Internet Streaming and IP Law

In this new age of digital streaming, it can be quite tricky to figure out where one stands when it comes to legal processes in and around intellectual property. As a result of new technology aided by internet distribution services, this topic has never been more relevant than in 2020. There are few attorneys, however, that have taken this novel challenge and applied it to the real world so valiantly than Austin-native Victor Hardy.

Victor Hardy has Over 20 Years’ Experience in High Stakes Litigation Cases

With over 20 years in high stakes litigation cases, it is no surprise that Victor Hardy was able to make the seamless move towards IP legal matters with a specialty in internet search and multimedia streaming that has resulted in successful campaigns across a multitude of case portfolios. Victor Hardy has also successfully worked as a trial attorney in the field of patent finance, investment, negotiation, and acquisitions as well as strategic enforcement of IP assets for Fortune 500 companies.  He was also a founding member of a private equity patent acquisition fund.  

Victor Hardy is Protecting the Patent Rights for Companies of All Sizes

In addition to protecting the patent rights of smaller companies in video and music streaming infringement cases, Victor Hardy has also worked to protect smaller players against Google and other search industry giants.  As a result of his tenacious approach to litigation, he has resolved disputes with 85% of the video streaming industry and 95% of the Websearch market.  Corporations he has faced off successfully against including Google. Netflix, Yahoo, Microsoft as well as several other larger Fortune 500 companies in these areas. 

It will be interesting to see how Victor Hardy utilizes his talent for IP law in multimedia cases in the future.