Victor Hardy Takes Miniature Painting to New Heights with His Award-Winning Art

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Victor Hardy Victor Hardy
Attorney Victor Hardy has been passionate about painting miniatures since his days in law school; credits popular Warhammer game with inspiration. AUSTIN, TX / April 14, 2020 / Award-winning fine art may not be the first thing you think of when you picture your average legal professional, but Texas attorney Victor Hardy may be the one that changes your mind. Hardy is as dedicated to his artistic creations as he is to his successful Austin legal practice, and he’s got the accolades to prove it. At the time of this posting, Hardy’s earned honors include a much sought-after Slayer Sword Award for “Best Warhammer Monster” at the prestigious Golden Demon Awards. His Blood Thirster Champion piece earned him that particular honor and remains one of his most popular works. However, many other pieces – including one called Golgotha, which took him roughly 500 hours over two years to complete – are frequently listed as favorites among fans of Victor Hardy and his work. His art has been described by fans and fellow miniature enthusiasts as “brilliant” and “sublime”, seamlessly marrying beautiful freehand work with painstaking attention to detail. Many miniature painters work strictly by the book as far as how they bring their creations to life, but Victor Hardy has originality on his side, and never seems to run out of fresh ideas to put what he does in a class by itself. Victor Hardy discovered his passion at Texas Con while still in law school Every miniature painting enthusiast has a personal story as to how they came to discover their passion, and Victor Hardy is no exception. According to Hardy, he discovered Warhammer, the gaming inspiration behind much of his work, at Texas Con when he was still in law school during the early ’90s. It wasn’t long before he was bringing his ideas to life, marking the start of a passion that’s made Victor Hardy a living legend over the past 30 years and counting. So, what exactly inspires artists like Victor Hardy to take up miniature painting in the first place, as well as continue to grow with it through the years? Miniature art enthusiasts form tight-knit communities of intelligent, highly creative people, so there’s a beneficial social benefit to it. The act of painting miniatures is also praised as relaxing, affordable, and terrific for stress reduction. All things considered, it’s not hard to understand why such a hobby would appeal to an attorney who’s as driven and successful as Victor Hardy is. Hardy’s practice specializes in high-stakes law as related to areas like civil rights, intellectual property, and patent infringement. His portfolio of high-profile cases involved such memorable names as Google, Netflix, and Xbox. Victor Hardy currently has recently expressed plans to delve back into painting with a vengeance very shortly, much to the delight of fans and colleagues alike. According to him, it’s “simply a matter of finding the time”.