Victor Hardy Delves Back Into Love of Art

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Renowned attorney and hobby artist Victor Hardy revisits his love of miniature painting.


A renowned attorney from the bustling Texas state capital city of Austin, lawyer Victor Hardy is also an accomplished and widely celebrated artist. Multi-award-winning and best known for the painted miniature known as Golgotha, Hardy delves back into his love of art after taking a short break from the hobby. 


Hardy begins by explaining that his love of art, and, in particular, miniature painting, stems from his involvement with the popular wargame Warhammer 40,000, dating back to his university days in the 1990s. “Since becoming involved with Warhammer 40,000 in university, I’ve remained extremely passionate about the miniature painting aspect of the game,” explains the attorney, “which, in itself, has become among my main hobbies outside of my work.”


In the years since, Hardy has garnered somewhat legendary status among followers and fans both of the wargame and the associated miniature painting hobby. Winning multiple awards in the process, the attorney and highly skilled hobby artist has also attracted the attention of prominent figures from the field, such as Bobby Wong, author of popular publication Miniature-Art.


“Victor Hardy’s BloodThirster Champion marks an impressive centerpiece for his Khornate Army,” says Wong in a review of one of Hardy’s most well-known pieces. “Victor’s miniature is outstanding due to his originality in conversion, painting, and presentation,” he continues, “and, unlike other painters, his interpretation of the red-skinned BloodThirster takes on a new twist.” 


The new twist in question, according to Wong, centers around a reposed head, lengthened torso, the gruesome appearance of flayed skin, and an evocative display base, all cleverly employed by Hardy. “The result of employing such elements,” Victor explains, “saw my BloodThirster Champion take first place for Best Warhammer Monster at a Golden Demon Awards event, earning a coveted Slayer Sword in the process.” 


Perhaps surprisingly, Victor Hardy’s BloodThirster Champion is not, however, his best-known work. This accolade, arguably, goes to the piece known as Golgotha, which, more than a decade on, remains the most popular piece of miniature painting on the internet’s largest gallery of painted miniatures – CoolMiniOrNot. The piece, according to the artist and attorney, took more than 500 hours over the course of two years to complete. 


Almost three decades on from discovering the hobby, and following a brief hiatus, attorney Victor Hardy is now set to delve back into his love of miniature painting. “It’s just a matter of finding the time,” he adds, wrapping up, “but I cannot wait to get back into it.”


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