Victor Hardy Discusses Distinguished Legal Career

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Texas Attorney Victor Hardy provides a brief insight into patent infringement litigation and investment, plus due diligence, intellectual property law, and civil rights matters.

From Software Rights Archive v. Google et al to active social network industry litigation, Austin-based lawyer Victor Hardy specializes in online and multimedia patent infringement litigation, plus class-action discrimination lawsuits, liquidation proceedings, and more. Here, Hardy shares a closer look at a number of more recent professional highlights following more than two decades in the field.

Victor Hardy is a Harvard Law School, University of Houston, and University of Texas Law School graduate from Austin, Texas. Victor Hardy has more than 20 years of experience in high-stakes patent infringement litigation, specializing in internet search and multimedia streaming technology. Hardy is also highly experienced in patent finance and investment, patent valuation, patent negotiation and acquisition, due diligence, and strategic enforcement of intellectual property assets.

“During my career, I’ve evaluated thousands of patents for business investment purposes,” reveals the lawyer, a founding member of a pioneering patent acquisition private equity fund. Hardy says he uses his extensive litigation experience to bring a real-world perspective to financial modeling and the valuation of patent assets.

Of his work in the internet search field, Victor Hardy highlights an industry-wide patent infringement case involving foundational patents directed toward non-semantic search engine algorithms. “I represented the plaintiff in Software Rights Archive v. Google et al,” he explains, “and have resolved disputes with 99 percent of the search industry.”

Victor Hardy remains in active litigation with the social networking industry. He has also represented plaintiffs in class-action racial discrimination lawsuits, garnering national media attention in The New York Times and Los Angeles Times. “One case, in particular, EEOC v. Allied Aviation, was also featured on national news broadcasts including Anderson Cooper’s 360 on CNN,” adds the lawyer.

In another notable case, Hardy was a senior member of the trial team during a patent infringement, unfair competition, and antitrust suit involving the enforcement of six patents directed to a Nobel Prize-winning gene amplification process. “After a four-week trial, the jury found all six patents infringed, and the court awarded almost $50 million in damages,” he reveals.

Elsewhere, the highly respected lawyer has represented CompUSA in a turnover proceeding brought by Tomorrow’s Toys. “The case,” says Hardy, “was favorably settled for an amount which was a small fraction of what the plaintiff was originally seeking.”

Currently, Victor Hardy is counsel in pursuing multiple patent infringement actions across the nation.

“Throughout my career, I’ve also acquired substantial experience in class-action civil rights matters,” he adds, wrapping up, “including discrimination under Title VII and the ADEA.”