Victor Hardy Highlights Comments from Fans of His Miniature Artwork

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Victor Hardy Victor Hardy

Attorney and award-winning artist Victor Hardy shares a number of comments from fans of his miniature painting masterpieces.

A seasoned attorney specializing in patent infringement litigation and investment, due diligence, and intellectual property law, in his spare time, Texas legal professional Victor Hardy is also a celebrated artist. Famed for his miniature painting masterpieces, award-winner and miniature painting legend Hardy shares a number of comments received from fans of his work.

“It all started around 1991,” explains Hardy, from Austin, Texas, “while I was completing my studies at university.”

Over the course of close to three decades, Victor Hardy has gone on to exhibit his work both in-person and online. Feedback for almost every one of his pieces, he says, has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Gorgeous, brilliant, an inspiration,” says Sanjay, a particular fan of Victor’s work. “I think Victor Hardy is astounding, and with his busy job and such, his artwork is a testament to his patience and skill,” he adds.

Another fan of the attorney and artist’s work calls it sublime. “It’s sublime,” they suggest of perhaps Hardy’s most famous piece of miniature painting, a figure known as Golgotha.

“A two-dimensional picture won’t adequately display how the freehand blends together as you view the piece from different angles,” suggests their comment on the work. “It is,” they continue, “without being melodramatic, a pinnacle, reached by a true artist.”

“Marvelous!! There is nothing else I can say,” suggests another comment on the same piece.

Victor Hardy‘s most famous work of art remains the most popular piece of miniature painting on the internet’s largest gallery of painted miniatures. Outside of his work and love of miniature painting, Victor Hardy also maintains a long-held passion for philosophy. The study of fundamental questions surrounding knowledge, existence, reason, values, language, and the mind, within philosophy, such questions are often posed as problems.

“These problems,” adds Victor Hardy, wrapping up, “are then closely studied with a view to finding a resolution, which is, perhaps, what I love most about philosophy.”

From Software Rights Archive v. Google et al to active social network industry litigation, attorney Victor Hardy specializes in online and multimedia patent infringement litigation, liquidation proceedings, due diligence, intellectual property law, civil rights matters, and class action discrimination lawsuits. A Harvard Law School, University of Houston, and University of Texas Law School graduate from Austin, Texas, he today has more than 20 years of experience in high-stakes law.