Victor Hardy revisits brilliant feedback from fans of his artwork

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Victor Hardy Victor Hardy

Artist Victor Hardy takes a fond look back on remarks received in response to his award-winning artwork.


From ‘gorgeous’ and ‘brilliant’ to ‘marvelous’ and ‘sublime,’ there’s no shortage of praise for renowned painter Victor Hardy from Austin, Texas, and his miniature painting masterpieces. Following almost three decades of refining his craft, here, the award-winning artist fondly revisits past remarks from several fans of his artwork. 


“Gorgeous, brilliant, [and] an inspiration,” says one fan of Victor Hardy’s work, Sanjay. “I think Victor Hardy is astounding,” he adds, “and his artwork is a testament to his patience and skill.” 


“Sublime,” says another fan of the artist’s work, this time in specific reference to one of Hardy’s most famous pieces – a figure known as Golgotha. “Golgotha,” Hardy reveals, “was famously and controversially disqualified from the 2004 Golden Demon Awards, yet it remains one of my best-known and best-loved pieces.”


Although universally well-loved, Victor Hardy’s work has, at times, attracted controversy, perhaps owing to one leading basis for much of his most famous artwork. “Although I use a variety of iconography in my art, much of what I do is inspired by Roman Catholic imagery,” reveals Hardy, “which may, at times, be seen as somewhat controversial.” 


Over the course of more than 20 years, Hardy has exhibited his work both in-person and online. “Feedback for almost every one of my pieces,” he reveals, “has been overwhelmingly positive.”


Victor Hardy, a Harvard, University of Houston, and University of Texas graduate from Austin, Texas, next points toward feedback from a fan praising his freehand work, calling it ‘a pinnacle,’ and suggesting that Hardy is a true artist.


“A two-dimensional picture won’t adequately display how [Victor Hardy’s] freehand blends together as you view [it] from different angles,” they remark. “Without being melodramatic, a pinnacle, reached by a true artist,” concludes the feedback. “Marvelous! There’s nothing else I can say,” says another similarly positive comment about Hardy’s multi-award-winning artwork. 


The Austin, Texas-based artist’s work has also attracted praise from well-known names within miniature painting circles, such as Bobby Wong, the author of the popular publication, Miniature-Art. “Victor’s [work] is outstanding because of his originality in painting, conversion, and presentation,” says Wong. 


“Unlike other painters, his interpretation [often] takes on a new twist,” adds the Miniature-Art author, concluding one of Victor Hardy’s mostly fondly looked-upon pieces of feedback for his award-winning artwork.