Victor Hardy Shares Interest in Philosophy

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Award-winning artist and attorney Victor Hardy shares his passion for the millennia-old field of study stemming from an ancient Greek love of wisdom.

The study of fundamental questions surrounding knowledge, existence, reason, values, language, and the mind, philosophy stems from the Greek word philosophia, meaning a love of wisdom. A successful attorney and renowned artist, Victor Hardy offers a closer look at his interest in the field of study, which now dates back thousands of years.

“The study of fundamental questions surrounding knowledge, existence, reason, values, language, and the mind, within philosophy, such questions are often posed as problems,” explains Hardy. These problems, he says, are then closely studied with a view to finding a resolution. “The term was most likely coined by Pythagoras of Samos,” suggests the attorney, “the ancient Ionian Greek philosopher and the founder of Pythagoreanism.”

For thousands of years, philosophical methods have included critical discussion, questioning, systematic presentation, and rational argument. “Classic philosophical questions,” explains Hardy, “include ‘Is it possible to know anything and to prove it?’ and ‘What is most real?'”

More concrete questions, he says, such as ‘Is there a best way to live?’ or ‘Do humans have free will?’ may also be addressed by philosophers.

According to Hardy, philosophy historically encompassed any body of knowledge. “So-called natural philosophy, for example,” explains the attorney and artist, “encompassed medicine, physics, and astronomy.”

Since the 19th century, however, the growth of modern research-led universities has, he says, seen academic philosophy and other disciplines start to specialize and professionalize. “Today, what less than 200 years ago may have been considered to be entirely philosophical in nature, we now have distinct academic disciplines for,” reveals the expert.

These distinct academic disciplines, he says, include sociology, economics, psychology, and linguistics.

“Other areas of focus, closely related, for example, to art and other pursuits, have, at the same time,” adds Hardy, wrapping up, “remained part of philosophy.”

From Software Rights Archive v. Google et al to active social network industry litigation, attorney Victor Hardy specializes in online and multimedia patent infringement litigation, liquidation proceedings, due diligence, intellectual property law, civil rights matters, and class action discrimination lawsuits. A Harvard Law School, University of Houston, and University of Texas Law School graduate from Austin, Texas, he today has more than 20 years of experience in high-stakes law.

In his spare time, attorney Victor Hardy enjoys a passion for miniature painting, inspired by popular wargame Warhammer 40,000. For more than a decade, the multi-award-winning artist has been responsible for one of the internet’s most famous and revered pieces of miniature painting.