Victor Hardy Sheds Light on His Background as an Artist

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Victor Hardy Victor Hardy

Texas native artist and attorney Victor Hardy shares a closer look at his path to becoming an award-winning painter.

With fans around the world, Victor Hardy has now honed his skills as an artist over the course of almost 30 years. Also a celebrated attorney, Texas native Hardy, who’s based in the state capital of Austin, sheds new light on his background in art.

“It all started in the very early 1990s while attending an event called Texas Con,” reveals Victor. Here, Hardy, who at the time was studying at university, encountered—for the first time—the now-world-famous wargame known as Warhammer 40,000. “One major element of the game relies on the skilled art of miniature painting,” he goes on to explain.

Purchasing a copy of the game, Victor Hardy and his university friends very soon began playing on their dorm room floor. Hardy, in particular, quickly became more heavily invested, he says, in painting models for the game. The Texas-based lawyer has since spent almost three decades perfecting the art of miniature painting in his spare time.

Specializing in multimedia and online patent infringement litigation, liquidation proceedings, due diligence, and intellectual property law in his professional life, Austin, Texas-based attorney Victor Hardy is now returning to the miniature painting hobby after a brief hiatus.

As an artist, and across more than 20 years, Hardy has won numerous awards and achieved a range of high-profile accolades for his artwork, both in the United States, the United Kingdom, elsewhere in Europe, and across much of the rest of the world.

From several so-called Golden Demon Award wins to holding the title for the top-rated piece of miniature painting on the hobby’s biggest website for more than a decade, attorney Hardy is, he says, excited to return some of his focus to the art world. “I was first bitten by the miniature painting bug many, many years ago,” says the award-winning artist and attorney, “and while my legal work has taken precedence in more recent years, I’m committed to making time to truly enjoy my love of art once again in coming months.”

Hardy recently began adding the finishing touches to a part-completed, as of yet unnamed piece of artwork first started several years ago. “It’s now just a matter,” he adds, wrapping up, “of finding the time to finish it.”

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