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Texas attorney Victor Hardy looks back on two distinguished decades in high-stakes law.


An established lawyer and a founding member of a leading patent acquisition private equity fund, Victor Hardy has spent more than 20 years at the forefront of the legal profession. The Texas-based attorney, from Austin, Texas, looks back on more than two decades in high-stakes law ranging from patent investment and infringement to due diligence and intellectual property rights as he showcases a number of his professional highlights. 


“Over the course of more than 20 years now, I’ve utilized my extensive knowledge to provide real-world perspectives on everything from patent infringement and asset valuation to financial modeling and intellectual property law,” reveals Hardy.


Victor Hardy specializes in online and multimedia patent infringement, intellectual property law, due diligence, media industry litigation, and civil rights matters. He also deals in class-action discrimination lawsuits and liquidation proceedings as well as a number of other highly specialized aspects of U.S. and international law.  


First showcasing one particular professional highlight, Hardy turns to a case centered upon the internet search sector. “During an industry-wide infringement case involving patents tied to non-semantic search engine algorithms, I represented an extremely prominent plaintiff and have subsequently resolved disputes with some 99 percent of the search industry,” reveals the Harvard Law School, University of Houston, and University of Texas Law School graduate.


In addition to past and ongoing work in the internet search sector, Hardy also remains in active litigation with the social networking industry.


“Elsewhere, I was a senior trial team member during a lawsuit involving the enforcement of numerous patents directed toward a Nobel Prize-winning gene amplification process,” explains Hardy, showcasing a second professional highlight. Here, and following a month-long trial, the jury declared each of the patents in question to have been infringed, subsequently awarding approximately $50 million in damages, according to the Texas-based legal professional. 


Another case of which Hardy is particularly proud saw the attorney representing a number of plaintiffs in a now-famous class-action racial discrimination lawsuit that garnered national media attention from The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and more. “A further similar case,” he adds, “was later featured on national news broadcasts including Anderson Cooper’s 360 on CNN.”


Victor Hardy has since gone on to take a high-stakes liquidation case in the Bahamas. “Surrounding failure to deliver securities, I’ve taken lead counsel,” he adds, wrapping up, “in pursuing the claim in question.”


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