Ways in Which Prayer Can Help You with Patrick Joseph Sassnet

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Ways in Which Prayer Can Help You Patrick Joseph Sassnet Ways in Which Prayer Can Help You Patrick Joseph Sassnet

Unsure about the power of prayer? Patrick Joseph Sassnet discusses different ways in which prayer can affect your life.


Patrick Joseph Sassnet – Ways in Which Prayer Can Help

Praying is a spiritual practice in which an individual puts all of their concentration into connecting personally with God. It’s a moment of intense focus when you try and shut off everything that’s going on around you, and be present in the moment of just you and the Lord; kind of like a meditation.


This is exactly why churches are the best places to pray; they offer a private, closed off and quiet space which can help channel your prayer more intensely when you ask God for help.


And while it might seem obvious to some, not everyone understands the full benefit of prayer, which is why, with the help of pastor Patrick Joseph Sassnet,  we’ve put together a list of ways in which prayer can help you on a personal level.


Prayer establishes and strengthens your bond with God

As mentioned above prayer is a conduit between you and the Lord. According to Patrick Joseph Sassnet, it’s one of the fastest ways of asking for and receiving guidance when times get hard. Aside from that, it’s also just a great way of telling the Lord how much you and love Him and are grateful for all of the things that He has given you.


Prayer offers strength in difficult times

“No one is immune to a bad day.” Says Patrick Joseph Sassnett. “And prayer is the ultimate cure.” When facing a difficult period in your life, it’s often tempting to try and block out the pain and stressors contributing to the hardships you’re facing. Prayer offers an alternative, and can help you come to terms with what is happening and offer solutions to deal with it.


Prayer helps us to see the light on the horizon


When things seem hopeless, prayer can help us remain hopeful. According to Patrick Joseph Sassneteven in the face of adversities, prayer is a powerful tool for seeing the good in people, the light at the end of the tunnel, and understanding that bad times pass and better times will come again.


Prayer connects people

While prayer is, of course, one of the best ways of connecting with God, it’s also a great way of connecting with people. Praying for others helps us unite with them. And praying together as people brings us closer both spiritually and emotionally.