Wes Feltner of Minnesota Reviews The Purpose-Driven Life: What on Earth am I Here For?

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In one of the bestselling nonfiction books in history, The Purpose-Drive Life, What on Earth am I Here For*, New York Times Bestselling Author Christian pastor Rick Warren explores how we can determine God’s meaning for our lives and how all the pieces of our lives fit together. “The book, revised and published several times since initial publication in 2002 is actually more of a guide,” Wes Feltner says, encompassing 40-days of a spiritually filled journey towards understanding the question so many of us ask: why am I here? In this article, Wes Feltner of Minnesota talks about The Purpose-Driven Life and why it’s so popular.

Indeed, it is popular, he says. The original version of The Purpose-Driven Life sold over 30 million copies by 2017, and today the number is well over 60 million. It was so popular that it has been translated into 85 languages and is available in audio, ebook, paperback and hardcover editions. The newest version of the book now comes with a workbook and video links to better help the reader assimilate the material.

There’s a reason the book is so popular, Wes Feltner says. “Before we were born,” he begins, “our life had purpose.” God had a plan for each of us. Each of us incarnated here for a specific reason and at a specific time as part of this big plan, and we’re all here now to fulfill that plan. The Purpose-Drive Life was designed to help us realize that we’re all included in this master plan for the future. It helps teach us that the path to personal satisfaction and meaning in life is the result of knowing God’s plan for each of us as individuals and doing what God put us here to do.

The book and study guide are designed to be read in short chapters with links to videos to be viewed prior to reading and links to 30-40-minute bible study messages for after each chapter has been read. The result is a 40-day journey, Wes Feltner says, that explains the bigger picture that most of us never think about and the part that each of us plays in it.

“Why are some of us born into privilege,” Wes Feltner of Minnesota asks, “and some born into poverty?” Although it may appear that random straws have been drawn which dictate what we get out of life, that’s far from the truth, he adds. It all comes from having faith, knowing God, and trusting in His bigger plan for all of us. “It’s truly so magnificent and is something that we cannot fully comprehend,” he adds. “It’s filled with much love and way beyond anything we can imagine,” he says. “But the book does a great job of explaining enough so that we get at start to gain an understanding of the role we play in this thing called life,” Wes Feltner says.

Wes Feltner, Ph.D., M. Div., has spent the last 23 years in vocational ministry and has served in pastoral ministry in the areas of preaching, vision casting, adult discipleship, and international missions. In 2016-2017, Wes Feltner of Minnesota pastored the 10th fasting growing church in America, according to Outreach Magazine. Wes Feltner has taught at three different seminaries in the area of leadership and pastoral ministry. He currently lives in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota with his wife and family.

The Purpose-Drive Life, What on Earth am I Here For* – https://www.amazon.com/Purpose-Driven-Life-What-Earth-ebook/dp/B008EGV4BQ