Youth Sports Coach Wesley Batterton Discusses How Participating in Youth Sports Can Result in Superior Academic Performance

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Youth sports coach Wesley Batterton explains how participating in youth sports is linked to superior academic performance and higher grades. 

MONTGOMERY, TX / April 17, 2020 / Studies show the benefits of youth sports for children are numerous. Youth sports coach Wesley Batterton agrees and has seen countless improvements in child behavior by taking part in team sports.

According to the Women’s Sports Foundation, female high school athletes are 92 percent less likely to use drugs and three times more likely to graduate. Mentors and coaches like Wesley Batterton report a variety of other benefits too.

“Sports teach kids a variety of skills they need to perform well in the classroom and throughout their lives,” Wesley Batterton says. “Kids involved in sports generally have more confidence, are better listeners, and have superior communication skills.”

Research has also shown that kids who participate in athletics are more likely to succeed later in life. Ninety-five percent of executives for Fortune 500 companies participated in athletics in high school. Another recent study showed that 96 percent of high school dropouts across 14 school districts in varying regions of the United States were not participating in sports.

Coaches like Wesley Batterton express that kids aren’t playing sports to remain in school or avoid drugs. They’re simply playing because it’s fun.

“The benefits of participating in athletics are countless for kids,” Wesley Batterton says. “The best part is that kids are receiving all of these benefits while having fun and getting exercise.”

Kids who take part in youth athletics consistently achieve higher grades and are at a much lower risk of dropping out. Participation in athletics is also linked to lower crime rates and fewer absences.

“We, as coaches, need to do what we can to keep kids in sports,” Wesley Batterton says. “By doing what we can to accommodate their busy schedules, we can keep them playing and keep grades high. The kids benefit, and we ultimately benefit as a society.”

Other major benefits of participation in athletics include overall fitness and understanding the value of teamwork, respect for coaches and teammates, and goal setting.