What Club Does Every Golfer Need?

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There are many types of clubs that a golfer should have, and this article will discuss what each club is for different situations. The basic clubs every golfer needs are a driver, a few fairway woods, a couple of irons, and specialty irons called wedges. You can also get a putter if you like. The driver is the longest and most powerful club in the golf bag. Its loft promotes a draw. However, many golfers prefer to use a 3 wood off the tee instead.

Fairway woods

Whether you use them as a driver or as a substitute for your 6-iron, fairway woods are an essential part of your game. Each fairway wood is designed for a particular loft, so you may choose a club with a higher head or a hotter face material. You may also want to consider a club with a shallow profile and features that will help you ride the turf smoothly.

When buying fairway woods, it’s important to consider which type of shaft you’ll use most. For the most part, beginners should choose a wood that has 15 to 18 degrees of loft. A few tips for beginners: look for the most forgiving 3 wood or four wood and one with the highest loft. driver-like fairway wood has a higher-profile head that helps you control the ball while maintaining accuracy.


A set of irons is a necessity for any golfer. There are different types of irons, each with different properties. Players can opt for a cavity back or conventional irons. The former features a wider clubface to avoid digging into the turf. However, many players find that they don’t have the same feel as traditional irons, which is why they often opt for hybrids. These sets also have smaller clubheads, thinner soles, and more forgiveness than conventional irons.

In addition to irons, golfers also need a set of fairway woods. A typical set of irons contains three, four, five, and six irons, as well as a pitching wedge. Depending on the skill level of a player, the 3 and 4 irons may be difficult to hit. Some players have even switched to higher-lofted woods in place of these irons. Beginners are recommended to start with a modified set of golf clubs.


A golf club is an important tool in your golf bag. It is necessary for a number of reasons. For example, it is useful for approach shots, especially on short par 3s. The average distance of a nine-iron for men and eight-iron for women is around 100 yards. These irons make the ball fly high and will not cause the ball to roll, unlike longer irons. A pitching wedge is also an important piece of equipment. Wedges are designed with different angles of loft and have a lower profile than normal irons.

A pitching wedge is designed for short approach shots and chip shots. It can make shots from 50 to 120 yards, depending on the loft of the club. You can also use a sand wedge to hit balls from sand bunkers. The pitching wedge is a popular choice for beginners. It generates a high ball flight and lands softly with little roll. Its loft is usually between 45 and 49 degrees.


A putter is a crucial piece of golf equipment. Its purpose is to deliver a light, accurate hit to the ball that rolls into the hole. Though some golfers may use the putter in other areas, it is primarily designed to be used on the putting green. This artificial turf has a low cut and smooth playing surface. It is therefore essential for a golfer to have the right putter for the type of putting he or she intends to do.

Putters come in a variety of designs, including blades and mallets. Blades are traditional, narrow-faced putters, while mallets are wider from face to back and heel to toe. They can be flat or feature groves to enhance the feel of the ball on impact. A putter’s weighting can also vary, with perimeter-style weighting providing more stability for putts that lie outside the face.