What Do I Need in a Title Insurance Company? Real Estate Closing and Title Expert Bryan Nazor Shares

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Bryan Nazor Discusses 4 Must-Haves In Your Ideal Title Insurance Company 

When it is time to choose a title insurance and settlement company, there are several considerations, said Bryan Nazor, a title and real estate closing expert at Main Street Title in New Jersey. Whether you are an attorney, home owner, buyer, lender, investor, builder or developer, there are services you want to find in an ideal title insurance company. Do not settle for a place that makes you feel uncomfortable, does not adequately answer your questions, or does not offer the following services, Bryan Nazor advised. 

  1. Every title insurance service you could need 

Basic title insurance is great, but look for a company that goes beyond that, suggested Bryan Nazor. For example, Main Street Title and Settlement Services provides title insurance protection and settlement services to facilitate purchases, construction, loans or refinancing. 

“We are able to serve a wide variety of clients because of the amount of services we offer,” Bryan Nazor said. “We also have experience dealing with many types of issues in the title insurance world.” 

  1. Escrow and closing services

Escrow and closing can be complicated, so make sure your title insurance specialists have plenty of experience working with them so things are as smooth on your end as possible. 

“At Main Street Title and Settlement Services, we pride ourselves in being able to answers any questions our clients have and explaining things in simple terms,” Bryan Nazor said. “We are fast and efficient with even the most complicated closing issues.” 

  1. Paralegal services for attorneys

If you are an attorney, look for a title and investment services company that includes paralegal services. Bryan Nazor has experience in corporate law, corporate financing and investing, giving him experience with and ability to counsel in matters of real estate law. If paralegal services will be useful to you, make sure to find a company that includes this as part of the package. 

  1. Appraisals

 “An appraisal must be done by a professional, objective third party,” Bryan Nazor said. “They will determine the value of the home fairly, based on market value.” Since a company like Main Street Title and Settlement Services handles appraisals as well as these other services, it can be one less thing to worry about. It is not always easy to find a “one size fits all” title insurance company, but it is important to find one that suits your specific needs, understands your situation, and makes you feel comfortable and at home.