What Do Type A and Type B Personalities Mean?

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What do Type A and Type B personalities mean? This theory describes two very different types of personality: Type A is highly competitive and impatient, while Type B is relaxed and less competitive. Despite their opposite natures, Type A and B personalities have common traits. They both have highly motivated and ambitious traits and are more organized. They also tend to be more relaxed and less likely to suffer from heart disease.

Type A personality is competitive

When you are a type A personality, you may feel a sense of urgency about work and other projects. You may be too impatient with your work and criticize yourself for leaving things undone. Those traits can be seen in your body language as well. You may clench your teeth or wear your stress on your face. If you are a type A personality, you may also feel frustrated by the fact that others are holding you back.

People with type A personalities tend to work better in stressful environments. The high pressure from their job may elevate their competitiveness. This competitive nature can cause Type A personalities to develop a short temper or be negatively affected by slow people, tasks, or relationships. If you are a Type A personality, it’s best to find a coach who is familiar with your traits and can help you work with your strengths to be more successful. If you think you have a Type A personality, consider partnering with a BetterUp coach to develop your skills and make your life more comfortable.

Type B personality is relaxed

The type B personality tends to be much more relaxed and laid back than their A-type counterparts. This means they’re more likely to procrastinate until the last minute, often causing a late rush to complete projects. Avoid procrastination at all costs by planning your work in advance and avoiding last-minute pressure to finish. This will help you avoid missing important deadlines and will help you avoid looking like a lazy type.

Compared to the Type A personality, the Type B personality is relaxed and easy-going. While they’re not as high-spirited as their A counterparts, they are also not as competitive and ambitious and aren’t prone to annoyment. The type B personality is a great choice for people who appreciate a good social life and enjoy social events. However, be aware that Type A and B personalities are very different.

Type C personality suppresses wants, needs and feelings

The Type C personality tends to put others before themselves and enjoys the consistency of routine. These people are very logical and detail-oriented. Their love of order is evident in their obsession with details. In addition, they are rarely emotional about work and often prefer cooperation over conflict. The downside of this characteristic is that it can make relationships difficult as they do not trust easily and can become self-centered.

Because of the intense repression of their own desires, Type Cs often struggle to express their feelings. Often, Type Cs will not even acknowledge that they have feelings. However, they will tell you when they need a break and will return to work when they feel ready. If you are a Type C who struggles to express your feelings, you should consider talking to someone who is not in the same situation.