What is the Best Brand of Cigars?

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If you’re a serious cigar enthusiast, you want to find a top-quality brand. While a wide selection of brands exists, a single brand that dominated the industry in recent years: is Padron. This brand has consistently been a top-seller, thanks to its high-quality Nicaraguan cigars and high demand.

Arturo Fuente

Founded in 1912, the Arturo Fuente brand has a long history of producing premium cigars. After the Spanish-American War, the company moved its production to the Dominican Republic, with four factories and six plantations, employing over 2000 people. Today, the company continues to produce some of the best cigars in the world.

The Fuente family has been making cigars for four generations, and their cigars consistently make Cigar Aficionado’s Top 25 lists. In 2017, their Don Carlos Eye of the Shark won the Cigar of the Year award. Unfortunately, Fuente Sr. passed away before he could enjoy the accolade, but his son, Carlito, continues to grow the business.

Arturo Fuente cigars are crafted with the finest tobaccos from their family farm in the Dominican Republic. The company also produces various cigars in different strengths and flavors.


Cohiba cigars are among the world’s most popular cigar brands. These premium cigars are renowned for their complex flavors and extravagant taste. Cohiba cigars are available in various sizes, from mild to full-bodied. True cigar enthusiasts know that Cohiba cigars are the best of the best.

These cigars are rolled with the finest leaf. They are medium to dark brown. They are not firm, which makes them ideal for handling. Before you light a Cohiba cigar, you’ll notice a mild, woody aroma. As you light a Cohiba, you’ll notice that it burns evenly.

Cohiba cigars are made in Cuba. Their name derives from the Taino word for tobacco. This means that they have a rich heritage.

Rocky Patel

Rocky Patel cigars are known for their rich, complex flavor. Unlike many other cigar brands, they’re made with tobaccos from a wide variety of different regions. This makes them great for aficionados who have complex palates. It’s possible to order them online and get them delivered quickly.

The ALR Second Edition, for example, has a rich aroma of cherries and chocolate before you light it. The flavors include coffee, chocolate, and nuts, with a long, spicy finish. They’re also incredibly smooth to the touch. The ALR is one of Rocky Patel’s best releases, and it’s aged for two years in cedar.

The 15th Anniversary cigar from Rocky Patel has received great reviews since its release in 2011. Cigar Aficionado rated the 15th Anniversary as the sixth best cigar in 2011. The company has continued to make the cigar, which has earned it a stellar reputation. It was also recently named the 20th best cigar by Cigar Aficionado in 2018.


If you are in the market for the best cigars, you might want to try Davidoff cigars. This brand’s line has steadily shifted from mild cigars to full-flavored offerings. The brand’s Millenium line has an extra-dark Ecuador Connecticut wrapper and aged Dominican long-fillers.

Davidoff cigars are known for their fine craftsmanship. The company’s history dates back to 1911. They were created by Zino Davidoff, born into a tobacco family and surrounded by the finest cigars growing up. He eventually branched out and started a line of cigars in Cuba. Over the last 50 years, Davidoff Cigars have become synonymous with quality and fine, subtle flavor profiles.

The Davidoff cigars range offers a wide selection, including blends made from full-grown tobaccos in the Dominican Republic. This renowned brand also has a wide range of price ranges and is sold at signature Davidoff cigar stores worldwide.


Oliva cigars are one of the best brands in the market today. They are known for their rich Nicaraguan tobacco taste and quality. Millions of people around the world smoke them. These cigars are highly rated by customers and have won several awards. Oliva is the #1 Cigar of the Year by Cigar Aficionado. The award was based on the cigar’s construction, consistency, quality, and Nicaraguan profile.

Oliva cigars are available in a variety of price ranges. Those who love big, bold smokes will enjoy their Serie V, Oliva Master Blends 3, and the Nub Series. These cigars are premium Nicaraguan tobaccos and feature coffee and earth flavors.