What is the Best Brand of Cigar?

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You should look for a premium brand if you’re a true cigar connoisseur. Although there are many brands available, Padron has been the market leader for the past few years. Due to the superb quality of their Nicaraguan cigars and their widespread popularity, this brand has been among the best-selling for quite some time.


Arturo Fuente is a premium cigar brand that has been around since 1912. The corporation relocated its operations to the Dominican Republic during the Spanish-American War, eventually establishing four factories and six farms there and employing over 2000 people. The firm has maintained its reputation as a manufacturer of premium cigars.

Cigars made by the Fuente family, who have been at it for four generations, are perennially ranked among Cigar Aficionado’s Top 25. Their Don Carlos Eye of the Shark was named 2017’s Best Cigar. Sadly, Fuente Sr. did not live to see the recognition, but his son Carlito has carried on the family business and expanded it.

Cigars made by Arturo Fuente use only the highest quality tobacco grown on the Fuente family’s Dominican property. A wide range of cigars, in a variety of strengths and flavors, are also manufactured by the company.


Cohiba cigars are highly regarded as one of the best in the industry. These high-end cigars have earned a reputation for their sophisticated flavor profiles. Cohiba cigars come in a wide range of strengths, from light to robust. Real cigar smokers know that Cohiba makes the finest cigars available.

The finest leaf is used to roll these cigars. They range from a light to a deep brown. Because they are not rigid, they are easy to manipulate. A Cohiba cigar has a subtle, woodsy scent before you ever ignite it. A Cohiba cigar has a consistent burn as you smoke it.

Cigars with the Cohiba name are 100% Cuban. The tobacco plant is where their name originated from in Taino. They come from a long line of distinguished ancestors.

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In terms of taste, Rocky Patel cigars are unparalleled. When compared to other cigar manufacturers, these use tobaccos grown in many different countries. Thanks to their nuanced flavors, they’re perfect for connoisseurs with sophisticated preferences. They can be ordered online with speedy delivery.

For instance, even before lighting up an ALR Second Edition, you can smell the decadent blend of cherry and chocolate. Coffee, cocoa, and nutty notes mingle with an extended, spicy aftertaste. They’re silky soft and comfortable to the touch as well. This ALR from Rocky Patel has been aged for two years in cedar, making it one of the brand’s most premium offerings.

Since its release in 2011, Rocky Patel’s 15th Anniversary cigar has been met with widespread acclaim. The 15th Anniversary was ranked as the sixth greatest cigar by Cigar Aficionado in 2011. The company’s dedication to maintaining production of the cigar has led to widespread acclaim for its products. In 2018, Cigar Aficionado ranked it as the number 20 greatest cigar.


Try a Davidoff cigar if you’re looking for the top brands on the market. This manufacturer has gradually transitioned from supplying mild cigars to those with a more robust profile. The cigars of the Millenium line are made with a Dominican long-filler tobacco blend with a dark Ecuador Connecticut wrapper.

The quality of Davidoff cigars is well-known. The origins of the company may be traced back to 1911. Zino Davidoff, the man who made them, came from a family of tobacco growers and spent his childhood around the best cigars in the world. A cigar company was one of the several side ventures he launched in Cuba. Davidoff Cigars have established a reputation for excellence and nuanced flavor over the past half century.

The Davidoff cigar line features several different varieties, including those rolled with Dominican tobacco leaves. This well-known brand is available in a number of different price points and can be found in Davidoff cigar shops all around the world.


When it comes to cigars, Oliva is among the top brands available today. Famous for their high quality and authentic Nicaraguan tobacco flavor. Cigarettes are smoked by millions of people every day. Customers give these cigars great marks, and they’ve won multiple honors for their quality. When it comes to cigars, Oliva takes home the top prize from Cigar Aficionado. Construction, consistency, quality, and a distinctively Nicaraguan flavor profile all contributed to the cigar’s win.

There is a wide pricing range for Oliva cigars. Their Serie V, Master Blend 3, and Nub Series cigars are perfect for those who want robust tobacco flavors. The finest Nicaraguan tobaccos used in these cigars have hints of coffee and earth.