What to Expect at your College Tour Explained by Eric Buschbacher

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Eric Buschbacher What to Expect College Tour Eric Buschbacher

Searching for a college can be tough, but Eric Buschbacher makes it easier by helping you prepare for college tours.

So it’s time to head off for college. You’ve narrowed down your top potential universities but need to make the final decision on where to attend. Although everything might look perfect on paper, you won’t be able to tell if its the school for you until you visit in person. According to Eric Buschbacher, a graduate from St. John’s University in NY, college tours can give you a feel for campus life before you commit.

Although it may seem nerve-wracking at first, campus visits are an exciting opportunity to explore your options and make new friends. Many students even bring their parents along for guidance and input! If you’re still feeling nervous, or simply want to prepare, Eric Buschbacher offers some basic guidelines of what to expect on a college campus tour.

First, contact the admissions office to schedule an official tour date. They will provide additional information, including check-in time, location, your tour guide’s name, etc. Eric Buschbacher notes that typically, tours are given in a small group setting. Your preferred date may not be available if the group is already full, so Eric Buschbacher recommends scheduling your tour early.

When you arrive on the day of your tour, you can expect to be provided with a schedule, name tag, and packet of college information. Your tour guide will be assigned to your group for the entire day, so feel free to meet others and ask questions! According to Eric Buschbacher, tour guides are usually students at the college you are touring. They can offer a wealth of information about campus life, professors, clubs, dorms, and facilities.

Every university is different, and no tour is the same. However, Eric Buschbacher explains that most college tours will show you around campus and give you a sneak peek into a few classrooms. Many tours will also visit various dorm rooms to make you feel more comfortable about living on campus. Dorms have many different layouts and options, so Eric Buschbacher recommends stopping by the one you are considering the most.

The best way to feel relaxed and excited about your upcoming college tour is to prepare. Eric Buscbacher explains that you should get ready in the days leading up to your tour instead of rushing the night before. Choose nice, comfortable shoes that you can walk all day in. It’s important to make a good first impression, so try to dress nicely as well. Eric Buschbacher suggests wearing nice jeans and a blouse or button-down shirt. In general, wear something that would be appropriate for church or a family event.

Finally, research the campus before-hand and prepare questions. Many questions will be answered on the tour. However, you may want to know more about your particular areas of interest. Eric Buschbacher notes that the most important part of a college tour is to be yourself, learn as much as possible, and have an open mind. You’re one step closer to choosing the college of your dreams!