What Vlogging Everyday Has Taught John Zimmel

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John Zimmel John Zimmel

21 year-old entrepreneur of Greenwich, CT, John Zimmel, has been vlogging everyday for over 350 days. Here’s what he’s learned.


A year ago, John Zimmel of Greenwich, CT was not a business owner; he did not have a big social following, and he did not have an active YouTube channel. As of now, Zimmel owns four businesses and has over four thousand YouTube subscribers who all anxiously await his daily vlog, which covers everything from his adventures filming, producing music, hanging out with his friends and skydiving. 


When asked why he set out on the mission to vlog his everyday life, John Zimmel replied, “I wanted to prove to myself that I could accomplish something this big. I had never done something like this before, or held myself accountable. It was a way to follow my passion for videography while learning what it meant to accomplish a goal everyday.”


In just 11 months, Zimmel’s vlogging channel, simply titled, John, has hit over 4,000 subscribers and continues to grow at a rapid pace.


Zimmel’s YouTube channel’s most popular videos include a how-to for an Apple watch wall mount, reviews, advice on entrepreneurship, and personal confessions, as in his video where Zimmel discusses his struggle with dyslexia. 


“I don’t regret being as open as I am on my channel,” said Zimmel. “A lot of YouTubers still censor themselves, but I put it all out in the open. It’s an opportunity to connect with my audience, for them to learn from me and me to learn from them by engaging in the comments. Vulnerability creates conversations worth having.”


Zimmel continued, “I’ve learned a lot about myself through this process and have grown not only personally, but professionally. My video skills are better. My post-production skills are better. The process of vlogging everyday has really skyrocketed certain aspects of my life that would’ve taken me years to figure out.”


“It’s always scary putting yourself out there, but it’s worth it,” said Zimmel. “Vlogging is an extreme example of vulnerability, but I encourage my viewers to take chances in all areas of their lives, no matter how small. Apply for that job. Launch that blog. Ask the girl out. Get up at open mic night. The fear of rejection affects every social class, age, and gender. Vlogging has taught be to embrace that fear as part of following my passion. Everyone should do the same!”


About John Zimmel
John Zimmel is a young, vibrant entrepreneur from Greenwich, CT who’s eager to take his clients’ brand recognition to the next level through social media strategies and high-quality digital content. He owns and operates four businesses including his modern day communications parent company, Labyrinth35X; audio production company, Grass Fed Audio; digital content creation agency, West 35 Media; and his video production company, Nameless Productions. John Zimmel is also a performer himself of magic.