Who is David Kent Joslin of Sarasota? Check Out His Accomplishments

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David Kent Joslin David Kent Joslin

As a senior radiology consultant, David Joslin has orchestrated mergers and acquisitions, strategy and development, partnerships, de novo projects, and other special projects in his long career. He puts together an approach using his business insight, hands-on operational experience, software development knowledge, experience in the healthcare services sector, investment banking, and more. David’s financial expertise comes from corporate finance and accounting experience he acquired while working for investment banking and management consulting firms. In his current role, David Kent Joslin advises companies by identifying and solving issues that inhibit growth.

David Kent Joslin of Sarasota graduated in 1993 from Duke University with a degree in history and political science. After graduation, David accepted an offer in Mexico City as a strategy management consultant for a leading media and telecom company. He perfected his Spanish business proficiency during his time in Mexico City. David Joslin relocated to London from 1996 to 1997 after spending three years in Mexico City to work as a financial analyst for an international investment banking firm.

After working in London for a few years, David Kent Joslin decided it was time to further his education. David Joslin of Sarasota enrolled in Columbia Business School in New York. In the summer of 2000, he completed a summer internship with Bain Consulting in Mexico City, but was primarily engaged on a project in Panama City, Panama. He graduated with his MBA in 2001 and accepted a job with a large investment bank in New York City. During his time in investment banking, David Joslin was on the ground floor as founding member of two start-up investments in healthcare. He had the opportunity to work with CAD Sciences, Insight Radiology, and a few others.

In 2008, David Kent Joslin served as vice president of mergers and acquisitions at a large radiology and cancer treatment healthcare services firm. By 2012, he returned to InSight Radiology as its president until 2015 when David Joslin transitioned to RadNet as vice president of operations and development. In his role at RadNet, David managed the services of 17 radiology centers in New Jersey, a $65 million P&L.

Once he became involved with Insight Radiology Puerto Rico, a multi-site operator of free-standing radiology facilities, David Kent Joslin shuttled back and forth between San Juan, Puerto Rico, and New York City. It wasn’t long before David Joslin of Sarasota became a board member of Insight Radiology. On top of all the work he does as a radiology consultant, David Joslin holds a real estate license in New York.

David Kent Joslin currently lives in Sarasota with his family. In his free time, he enjoys playing golf and cycling outdoors.